Sports but no classes


Christine Stricker

Ava Wittner, Junior checking in with trainer at the first day of practice, Sept.24.

Brooke Kraizer, News Editor/ Features Editor

Fall is a big season when talking about back to school and sports. People are back to school shopping, preparing for their fall sport season, etc. When districts announced that the first quarter of the year would be fully distance learning, students and their families didn’t know what to expect for their sports season. Some sports started before others, some sports like tennis can even compete. 

Some people ask, “why can sports resume and why can’t school?” Parkway has taken multiple precautions to ensure safety among athletes and coaches throughout practice. Athletes start by lining up outside of school to get their temperatures taken, among many other steps that John Theobold, Parkway Central’s athletic director, is in charge. 

“[Some precautions include] screening every athlete every day, use of hand sanitizer, and face coverings, along with staying socially distanced as much as possible,” Theobald said.

As any principal would be, Dr. Tim McCarthy is upset about not having students in the building as normal, but he also supports the sports and extracurriculars going on right now. 

“I was supportive and will continue to be supportive of our efforts to engage kids in our extracurricular program through the fall,” McCarthy said.  “I also believe our extra curricular program is a critical component to our students overall experience with school.” 

Sports and extracurriculars bring students together. These practices are a good and safe way to have communication and interaction between students. 

PCH has overall gotten positive feedback about sports during this time. It is doing good things for the kids, bringing them together, giving them a change of scenery and keeping them healthy all in a safe manner. 

I think everyone has enjoyed, parents and students both, the opportunity for the kids to be involved in their sports,” Theobald said. 

Parents are really liking this because they know what their kid is doing and it is keeping them out of trouble.

“Parents like it because they know the student, when they are back up at school is safer, it is structured, it is adult oversight,” McCarthy said. 

Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive, makes decisions for sports such as how and when they will happen. Page made the executive decision to postpone competition for sports for a certain amount of time.

On September 23, Parkway announced that moderate contact sports can start to compete in St. Louis County, such as field hockey and soccer, but sports such as football can only compete outside of St.Louis County. 

“We will continue to study a wide variety of relevant data points as we make decisions moving forward. Generally, though, we need to see fewer cases and a lower positivity rate, among other factors,” Page said.

Sports and extracurriculars are activities that help encourage students to attend and do well in school. 

“For some kids, their leading motivation to come to school is the extracurricular program, not necessarily the course work,” McCarthy said.

Sports are starting to compete as soon as Sept. 29.



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