Let’s Go to the Movies… or the Couch


Danielle Malt, Editorial Cartoonist

Recently local theaters have reopened, but they’re not where you’ll find the most recent releases. That honor belongs to streaming sites such as Netflix and Disney+. But is the cost of membership worth the entertainment gained? What continues to draw to theaters despite the lack of new movies being shown? When given a choice between the two what will people choose, theaters or streaming? Parkway Central’s movie fans supplied their answers.  

According to those who chose streaming over theaters, streaming offers comfort and control theaters can’t provide. When streaming at home, you’re guaranteed to have snacks you’ll like, a space you can relax in, and the ability to pause the film at your leisure. Streaming also automatically gives you the option to socially distance as you deem appropriate. The lack of general audience also allows for as much snarky commentary as the viewer desires.    

On the other hand, those who prefer theaters enjoy the chance to vary their viewing experience. Concessions offer treats that likely aren’t available at home, the larger screen allows viewers to catch details they might miss on their screen at home, and the location is somewhere other than the homes we’ve all been trapped in. 

The matter of price can also be a factor in this debate. When asked, surveyed students agreed that the price of a movie should not exceed $8.00. In that vein, depending on how many people are watching the movie, the price of streaming a movie can be less than, equal to, or greater than the price of attending the movie theater.  

So which is the better choice? Traveling out to theaters or staying home and streaming? Ultimately, it’s a personal choice. Whatever you prefer, stay safe and enjoy your films.