The Cookie Crumbls in STL

Crumbl Cookie Bakes its way into everyones heart



Crumbl employee ices and packages the box of cookies for a customer.

Brooke Kraizer and Gabby Abowitz

Cookies are an easy go-to dessert for people of all ages. Whether you are making them homemade, scooping dough out of a container or going to a store to buy them, they always hit the spot. Crumbl Cookies made St.Louis cookie lovers dreams come true when they opened in Ballwin on Oct. 29.


 Crumbl has a variety of cookie flavors as well as ice cream flavors. Every week they rotate four cookie flavors while keeping their constant Milk Chocolate Chip and Chilled Sugar on the menu. When we stopped in during the week of Jan. 25, their weekly flavors were oatmeal chocolate chip, cornbread, chilled cookies and cream milkshake, buckeye brownie.

To make this business even more appealing Crumbl offers inside ordering, curbside pickup, catering and shipping. These cookies are very intriguing, but what most customers do not see and isn’t in plain view is that one cookie equals two servings. A single cookie ranges from 300 calories, all the way up to 900 calories. The nutrition and allergy information for each cookie can be found on the Crumbl website. 


When you are craving Crumbl, there are many ways to get the food itself, as they have options for delivery, curbside, catering, and even shipping. When we walked into the white and light pink themed store, we discovered a fun and cute atmosphere. The friendly workers created an easy and comfortable experience.


We tried a variety of cookies during the week of Jan. 25, and rated everything from taste, texture, to presentation.


Oatmeal choc. Chip: This is a  warm oatmeal cookie with milk chocolate chips throughout. The presentation of this cookie is almost identical to the chocolate chip cookie but the taste however, is extremely different. Trying to slice into this cookie with plastic silverware is impossible. The inside is more gooey which helps balance out the crispiness of the outside. You can definitely taste the oats in the cookie which is a plus based on your preference, minus in our books. If deciding between an oatmeal chocolate chip or normal chocolate chip cookie, go with the normal. 

Rate- 6/10 


Cornbread cookie: The cornbread cookie is an interesting take on turning a savory food into a cookie. This warm cornbread cookie is topped with a honey butter glaze and a dollop of honey buttercream. When imagining the flavor of this cookie, your imagination is most likely correct. When thinking about the consistency of the cookie, it is very similar to corn bread, a gritty texture. To describe the taste it is as if they mixed sugar cookie dough with actual cornbread. The coloring of the cookie is a bright yellow. When opening the package however, we were disappointed because the honey butter glaze spread throughout the box and had a very oily consistency.

Rate- 6/10


Oreo cream milkshake: The Oreo cream milkshake is a chilled cookie topped with cookies & cream frosting and a mini Oreo. The mini Oreo on top was a good accent but it was a little dented into the frosting. Since it is a chilled cookie, it is less dense than the warmed cookies which makes it easier to eat more of the cookie which could be a good or bad thing. We were a bit weary if a cookie could pull off a milkshake flavoring but we were pleasantly surprised it did. The frosting itself has mixed Oreo in it so you really get the Oreo flavoring in the cookie. 

Rate- 9/10


Buckeye brownie: The buckeye brownie is a warm chocolate cookie with semi-sweet chips topped with peanut butter mousse and a semi-sweet chocolate drizzle. This cookie was very rich within the first bite. The peanut butter mouse was not drying to the mouth which was a pleasant surprise. Since the peanut butter mousse was only on top of the middle, it was a little bit overwhelming, it had the potential to be better if the mousse was smoothed throughout the cookie. 

Rate- 7/10


Milk chocolate chip:  When thinking about the perfect chocolate chip cookie, this is the best it gets. This is one of Crumbl’s classic cookies that stays all year round and we could see why. A warm, thick cookie, with the chocolate chips melted throughout. The inside is soft and gooey, but not to the point of being raw. 

Rate- 10/10


Chilled Sugar: The chilled sugar cookie is the other classic cookie that is ready to order all year long. The classic sugar cookie is topped with a light pink sweet almond frosting. This is the only cookie that contains nuts we reviewed, so make sure if you have an allergy to check the ingredients on the Crumbl website. If you are not a big sweets person, the frosting is on the sweeter side which is what tends to happen when it is a sugar cookie. 

Rate- 10/10

The “cookies of the week” boxed and ready to eat. (Gabby)