Bishop’s Post Restaurant Review


Grilled Salmon

Described on their website as “an upscale casual bistro” bishop’s post, named partially after NHL hockey player Ben Bishop and co-founder Ben Bishop Jr., Bishop’s Post is the embodiment of a sports bar and upscale bistro. Formally known as O

ceano, it was reopened in Chesterfield after the general manager at the time, Christy Rayfield, wanted to incorporate the history of Chesterfield into the community. Located on Chesterfield parkway, this joint is a place you can’t miss.

As I walked in the doors accompanied by my dad, we were immediately greeted and seated by the host. We were asked if we wanted a booth or table, and we chose a table. As we were walking to our table, the manager greeted us with a wave and a “have a good night”. When we were seated, I took a good look at the dining room, as it was my first time dining with them. The average customer(s) were older people on a date, or a family of four. Not to dig on anyone’s appearance, but they all looked cleaned up and put together.

After we were seated, we were greeted by our waitress, who brought us menus and cold glasses of water to our table. After letting us look over the menu, she came back and took our first order, which was appetizers. When it came time to order, she gave us a run down of the menu and all the specials going on. I asked her a question about a dish I was pondering to get, and she told me everything I needed to know.

The ambience of Bishop’s Post had a country club and bistro-esque. It had simple decor and neutral tones of gold, brown, black, white, and beige, which I thought was fitting. The dining room was dimmed, but natural light streamed in from a wall lined with windows. The booths were located on this wall, and each booth had an overhanging light. I enjoyed the fireplace in the wall, which I thought gave it the bistro vibe. It is a bigger restaurant, offering private event spaces and a full bar. They are also COVID friendly, abiding by the CDC guidelines by having disposable menus, socially distanced tables, and required masks. They are also known for their outdoor patio seating, which offers live music, heaters, umbrellas over the tables, and a beautiful garden backing up into a stone wall. 

Now the fun parts: The menu(s) and food. In total, Bishop’s Post has five menus: lunch, dinner, to-go, to-go family specials, and for my adult crowd, a wine menu. We were given the dinner menu; On it, it includes five starters, four salad/one soup options (same as lunch), and 10 entrees. Compared to the lunch menu, which has seven sandwich options and four entrée options, I believe it’s fitting for a dinner occasion. I wish the menu had more options, I think some of the lunch options could also go on the dinner menu, like the beef medallions and grilled chicken. The to-go menus took me by surprise, because I was not expecting to see that much variety. They offered pizzas & flatbreads, which are not on the menu, and a kids menu. Overall, I give the menu(s) a solid 7.5/10. All dishes are priced between $10 and $36, which Is reasonable for the quality and potions you are getting. 

One of the first things, and honestly the only bad thing I have to say about the food is that the complimentary bread and butter was just OK. In a basket, there are five rolls. You can tell by the shape and looking at the bottom of the roll that these are house-made, but they were flavorless. I was hoping the butter would help it out, but unfortunately it was unsalted. A positive thing I do have to say about the bread is that it was both dense and airy. And although the butter was unsalted, it was soft and fluffy, and easily cut through-able. 

My dad and I were excited to see that flash fried calamari was an appetizer. It was served with a lemon aioli for dipping and a lemon slice to add flavor. I was pleasantly surprised by this dish. It was served with a cilantro garnish and it was overall presented on the plate well. You definitely got your money’s worth, as this was $14.  They were flash fried, which meant they weren’t over coated with batter. It was very tender and not too chewy, but I do wish there was a little more crisp to it. It had super good seasonings, and the lemon juice added another element to it. 

When I was looking at the menu for my entrée, I was in between the pasta primavera and the grilled salmon, and decided on the grilled salmon after my dad convinced me. My dad ordered the Bishop’s Post burger and a cup of spicy seafood gumbo, which of course I had to try. 

The Grilled Salmon, priced at a whopping $28, was indeed worth it. I ordered it medium well (dad’s recommendation!) and because of this it was a tad dry, but nonetheless delicious. The sauce made the dish. Described on the menu as “a country grain mustard, sweet chili glaze”, it was a perfect pairing for the salmon and the mixed vegetable pilaf the salmon was served on. There was a good amount on and around the dish and it worked well with the rice/vegetable medley. Speaking of that, it was a decent balance of rice and vegetables. I wish there was less red and green bell peppers and more rice, but I’m not complaining. The dish was served hot, plated well, and everything was cooked right. I would give my entrée a 8/10. 

The spicy seafood gumbo, which was priced at $8 for a cup, was also delicious. Served with a package of crackers, this was worth the price. I could only take a spoonful, but that’s honestly all I needed. It was served hot, with steam arising from the cup. This dish has fantastic flavor. It was the right amount of spicy; the kind of spicy where you’ll need a sip of water to cool the tongue, but not a massive gulp. It also had a good consistency where it wasn’t too thick or too liquidy. The stir ins, which were vegetables, shrimp, crab, and andouille sausage were smothered in cajun seasoning. The only complaint I have is that I didn’t get my own!

The 2nd main entrée that was ordered was the signature Bishop’s Post Burger, priced at $15. It was a classic cheeseburger done right with two 4 ounce patties, American cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, and pickles, you can’t miss. The burger came open-faced, so you can assemble the toppings yourself. I was not expecting their burger to be THAT good, but my expectations were exceeded. At some restaurants, they use frozen patties and heat them up, but you can tell this is handmade and resembles a smash burger. It was juicy, cooked just enough, and had good seasonings. It came with a side of fries, which were also amazing. They weren’t too greasy or soggy (which is a pet peeve of mine) and had a good crisp to them. They came out hot and fresh, and were already salted. I did in fact steal some from my dad.  The food was very well done. It was good quality and you can tell that an effort is made to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. Although the dishes were expensive, there were enough leftovers to bring home. The food is rich, so you’ll feel full a little sooner, but very satisfied.

The wait for our food was about 13-15 minutes, which was understandable as we ordered dishes that have a longer preparation time. The dishes came out hot and our waitress made sure to check in on us at the appropriate times. She gave us the check when we were taking our last bites which I counted as convenient. 

My experience dining in at Bishop’s Post was satisfactory. As much as I enjoyed it, I would only go back on occasion, and when I have the spending money to do so. I recommend going here if you are looking for a date night spot, or celebrating a birthday.