Extraordinary Acai


Sophia Spicuzza, Staff Reporter

Acai bowls have been popular for a few years now. I am a fan of acai bowls because they taste great and are healthy as well. They are made of ingredients that fuel your body while not tasting like healthy food. I was thrilled to hear that there was a new acai bowl place opening up a few minutes from my house that advertised other flavors rather than just acai. I went a few weeks after it opened to review it and see if it has the same taste or was different from bowls I’ve had before.

Acai is a small fruit, a blue color on the outside slightly larger than a blueberry. Acai comes from an acai palm tree native to South America and contains rich antioxidants with great benefits such to your brain, heart, and entire body. Normally an acai bowl contains the regular acai base and is topped with fruit, granola, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate. I have been to many different acai places in and around St. Louis. Each place was good, but they all have the same taste with little variation. This new place I found looked promising, but I was hesitant to try it out of fear it would be the same generic place. But I was wrong. This new acai bowl place takes a new approach to an old classic.

Everbowl is located in Frontenac on Ladue right next to the Starbucks. The location was small, yet there was lots of parking and room inside. The inside was small but spacious with a couple of simple tables. It had a simple aesthetic with ordinary restaurant tables and little decor rather than some places which have comfortable seating and many decorations. There was also lots of room to sit down and convenient outdoor seating for when the weather is nice. The location has been open for a few months now while the franchise began in San Diego in 2016 and St. Louis gained its first location in Ladue. Everbowl’s twist on acai bowls personalizes each bowl to the customer, meaning no bowl is the exact same, making experience different every time you walk through the doors.

The atmosphere was so calming. Unlike the business of a large chain smoothie place, the workers at Everbowl are very personable. They are calm, while being friendly, and let me sample all seven flavors of base they had at the time. At Everbowl you can choose from three different sizes. A small bowl costs $8.95, a medium costs $10.95, and a large costs $13.95. You begin the process by picking a base. I picked two bases: vanilla and blue majic. Everbowl offers 6 unique bases; acai, pitaya, chia pudding, matcha, coco love, blue majic, acai chewy pb, and vanilla. You can choose one base or mix multiple bases to your liking. The workers let me sample each flavor to know exactly what they tasted like and they were all unique. Next you top the bases. You can choose from unlimited toppings. I added bananas, strawberries, granola, honey, and coconut flakes to my bowl. The presentation also added an element to the bowl. The workers carefully place all the toppings on so that the bowl is “picture ready”. The whole experience was not stressful and enjoyable. The atmosphere at Everbowl along with fantastic tasting acai bowls makes you want to return again and again.   

Everbowl’s mission statement is, “We believe the key to life is motion- and the key to motion is food.” They want to redesign food by making it with clean ingredients once again. My experience with Everbowl was just that. From walking into a clean environment to with friendly workers who let me take my time To clean ingredients, the bowl tasted fresh. The base was smooth and creamy with no chunks of acai. It was cold and the fruit was chilled and ripe. And the pairing between the bases and the fruit flowed well together. Not only does Everbowl have delicious tasting bowls, the whole experience was enjoyable. I give Everbowl 5 stars and will be returning to try new combinations of flavors. I definitely recommend going if you haven’t checked it out already!