Coronavirus in Schools

How is coronavirus impacting elementary school students?



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Brie Williams, Staff Reporter

Sometimes it can be hard to picture what life during a pandemic would have been like in elementary schools. No more field trips or sharing pudding cups. Elementary students now have to follow guidelines to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. Due to the lack of a vaccine for children under the age of 12, younger students have to follow guidelines more closely than middle schools and high schools.  

Students are starting to get used to these guidelines, which can help combat the virus, “Wearing a mask all day isn’t really hard because I’m used to it,” said Sam Burgess, a 5th grader at Claymont Elementary.

Roman Ford, a fifth grade student at Simpson
Elementary, getting ready for school (Brie Williams)

Following precautions closely is important to keep young students safe, not only from coronavirus. “People wash [their] hands more frequently now, which is good. On the plus side doing all of these procedures not only helps prevent COVID-19, but prevents germs, more viruses and bacteria, such as common cold or Influenza,” Burgess said. 

Maria Godoy, an NPR health correspondent, spoke on one way to reduce infections in children, “Public health officials say it’s critical that anyone who spends time indoors with kids should get vaccinated.” Young students’ inability to get vaccinated puts the responsibility on parents, siblings, and teachers. Although kids aren’t too worried about going back to school, it can be concerning when other students start to get sick.

“It’s not that scary going to school during coronavirus. But people get nervous when people cough, sneeze, or sniffle,” said Kelley Stricker, a 5th grader at Barretts Elementary.

 The CDC says that the most important ways to protect children from coronavirus include; wearing masks, getting vaccinated, social distancing, ventilation, washing hands, and getting tested. For students at the elementary level it is crucial to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of our youth. 

“My classes are both very responsible with wearing their masks at appropriate times.  Keeping them socially distant is sometimes a struggle.  With a reminder, they are fixing where they are supposed to be as often as possible,” Janna Hannan, a second grade teacher, said. Sometimes following guidelines can be a struggle for younger students, but it is very important in the process of hopefully ending the pandemic.