Homecoming Returns Class games and Dress up Days to Start the Week off


Emily Winograd

Seniors celebrates Homecoming games on Oct. 4.

U'Leyce Robinson, Staff Reporter

Homecoming week wraps up with the dance tomorrow after a busy week of games and dress up.  Abbi Robinson (11) has never been to a Homecoming dance.

“Even though this will be my first Homecoming, I have doubts about how much fun it will be because it will be held in a parking lot,” Robinson said. Deja Holt (11) agreed with Robinson concerning the setting of the dance but was keeping her hopes high when she said,,

“I really hope it will be fun this year,” Holt said. Jayson Tanner (10) has a different opinion and believes that Homecoming will be fun even though it is not ideal for the dance to be held on a parking lot.

Fashion plays an important role for both boys and girls attending the dance.

“I plan on wearing corsets with my friends,” Robinson said. Holt is taking a more traditional route and wearing a red dress.

“I will be wearing a dress suit,” Jayson said when asked what he would be wearing.

This will be the first Homecoming dance for many students, especially since last year’s dance was canceled due to COVID-19. Both Tanner and Robinson have never been to Homecoming before, so this is all new to them and they are excited because they don’t know what to expect. Holt, however, has been to Homecoming before.

“I went to homecoming freshman year and would have gone sophomore year if it would have happened,” Holt said.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, they would usually be your date to go to the dance with. For those students who are not dating anyone, they would most likely attend Homecoming with their friends.

“I am going to go with my girlfriend Anna,” Tanner said. Holt will also be attending with her boyfriend.

The Homecoming dance will be held in the athletics parking lot from 7:30-10 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 9.

Students have the option of wearing a mask. The only other change to this year’s dance is that students have the option to wear sneakers with their outfit because it will be outside. The entertainment options will be the same, with a DJ, photo booth, and Homecoming Royalty still happening. The dress code for the dance is the same as previous years which is semi-formal.

According to Nancy Pate, the Student Council is expecting around 1,000 attendees and the money collected from the ticket sales will be used to pay for the entertainment and expenses from the dance, while any remaining funds will be put towards other school events.