Horror Movies: Yay or Nay?


Jessi Ruiz, Staff Reporter

As October inches closer and closer, so does the Halloween excitement. Haunted houses are opening, people are starting to brainstorm their Halloween costumes, and Spirit Halloween is finally ready for customers! There is nothing better to celebrate this change of season than to sit down snuggled up in your living room and turn on a great horror movie…right?

Horror movies are the perfect thing to help us transition to the spookiest time of the year. There are so many classics that we grew up with that scared us at the time, but now we enjoy viewing, such as “Halloween,” “Friday the Thirteenth,” “Scream,” “Child’s Play,” and so many more. On the flipside, there are individuals who aren’t all about the classic horror movies. The gore, the jump scares, the thrills. Things like that just don’t sit right with them. Let’s narrow it down to our student body and take a look at the opinion of our fellow Central students on the following question: “Are horror movies the move or not?”

“Yes, but I like horror movies that are more than a simple slasher film,” Grant Mankowich (12) said. “I love movies that feature a non-human antagonist and bring more questions to the table when watching, because humans have limits while other entities can do anything. For example, I found myself obsessed with the 2017’s rendering of Pennywise, IT.” Mankowich is known to be a big IT fan, as he was often seen sporting a full Pennywise costume on past Halloween dates. Safe to say, Grant has a knack for bringing these characters to life in his own way!

Izzy Herberger (10) enjoys a certain genre of horror movies. “I like the kinda old campy ones, though not one in particular. I also really like more psychological thriller type ones because they kind of mess with your brain,” Herberger said. “I enjoy the ones that have bad SFX and a lot of fake blood.” Izzy prefers the classic old horror movies with the psycho serial killer and the helpless victim.

It’s interesting to see people say they like different kinds of horror movies instead of just saying they like horror movies in general.

Some people aren’t necessarily into the shocking bloody horror movies, even though that is the cliché horror movie we all first think of. Physiological movies are just as great and mind boggling. Sure, it may not have all the gore or all of the jump scares, but it can definitely still give you a good spook, and Ella Penico (10) recommends them.

“I enjoy the more physiological horror movies. My favorite movie is “Silence of the Lambs.”” Purists may insist that horror movies must be watched in the theater whereas some people like the comfort of hiding under a blanket at home to watch. But Mankowich doesn’t care where he watches scary movies.

Grant Mankowich stated, “I care more about the characters than the setting. Horror is horror. As long as I feel like sleep is not an option anymore, then you’ve done your job.,” Mankowich said.
Herberger likes watching in the comfort of home. “I think a horror movie is best in the dark under the blanket with a snack or drink.” Agreed, Izzy. The blanket is crucial to hide under for those unexpected jump scares!

Old classics are always great to watch, but there are some chilling new movies coming out this Halloween season. Surely you’ve heard of “Candyman,” a film about a ghost killer that can be summoned. A classic movie sequel, “Halloween Kills” about an all time favorite serial killer Michael Myers, and lastly, “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”, a film about survivors uncovering secrets behind the Umbrella Co., while fighting zombies in the city. Drop by your nearest theater and check these recent films out.

Spooky season is upon us folks! Grab a loved one and grab a classic, and let’s get ready for the best Halloween of our lives!