Michael returns to theaters

The Halloween series continues a classic scary story


Alanna Stovall , Staff reporter

Halloween Kills is a scary movie about Michael Myers. It came October 15, 2021. The overall review from the audience was a 1. Michael Myers is an ongoing movie series; there are 12 movies as of right now. 

Aiden Fields (11) saw Halloween Kills at the end of October at Amc 8 in St. Charles. She went to see it with her cousin. Aiden wouldn’t see the movie again because  she didn’t like it and she felt like nothing changed about Michael Myers.

“ I feel like Halloween Kills was a funnier version of the older movies,” Fields said. 

Maleah Nelson (10) saw Halloween Kills on October 14, at Marcus Wehrenberg in Chesterfield. She went with her aunt, cousins, and 2 of her friends. Maleah would see it again if someone else wanted her to go and they were paying for her ticket. She wouldn’t go if she had to pay to see it again. She doesn’t think that it is worth it. 

“I don’t think it is better than the previous movies but it wasn’t worse. The movie wasn’t scary to me, because I already knew what to expect from the older movies. here wasn’t a change at all,” Nelson said.

Halloween Kills to me was OK. I think from the older Michael Myer ( James Jude Courtney) it’s the same concept but different people and point of views.

 Michael Myers still doesn’t die, but it has several different point of view of people trying to kill him. I also think that it was different because the people in the community were so eager to kill him that other innocent people were getting hurt. 

I don’t think it’s worth seeing again, but it wasn’t bad to me. It’s definitely not better than the classic Michael Myers.