Emerson Mezines Receives an Award at Parkway Central High

Sophomore receives the Colt Community Contributions award


Dayli Richard, Reporter

Emerson “Emmy” Mezines (10) received the Colt Community Contributions award in honor of her theatrical contributions outside of school. She has worked on eleven shows, and plans to keep doing it. 

Mezines is a great example of what people can accomplish.

“I am proud of my grades, and how I’ve kept up my schedule and I’m still working hard every day,” Mezines said.

She enjoys working with others in theatre because she loves the environment and succeeding with other people. She has a great relationship with her friends and teachers. 

“I stay in contact with my grades and try to find ways to constantly improve,” Mezines said.

Mezines is well regarded by her community. Often in school students struggle with feeling good about themselves, unlike Mezines. 

“My friends and teachers would describe me as bright, funny, caring, compassionate, kind, and professional.”

And in the life of a juvenile, confidence, and self-care is very important. Mezines is confident, and not afraid to put herself out there. That’s one of the reasons why she chose theater.

“I came to Central because of their theater program,” Mezines said. “It really inspired me how much they put into the department with all the activities and support that this school provides. When I first came to Central, I didn’t know anyone, but this school has many clubs and different people who open their arms to you. And when I first joined the theatre department, I was excited because it was people who loved the same thing I did.”

Even when it comes to hard work she feels very accomplished when she succeeds. 

“I come to school every day knowing that I will see my friends, and get to do fun projects,” Mezines said. “I have a great schedule with wonderful teachers.”