Maddie Hewgley’s Years Through Musical Arts


Sadie Levy, reporter

At only six years old, Maddie Hewgley stood as a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz and remembers thoroughly that she loved and would pursue acting. Hewgley has been in many plays, musicals, and concerts.

“I always liked watching plays and finally I got to be in one,” said Hewgley (12).

Hewgley has been in many plays, musicals, and concerts. Today, Hewgley is involved in many activities as she was when she was a little kid.

“When I was little my mom threw me into many activities like dance, theater productions, and plays. I tried out for a part in a musical and I really liked it so as the years went on I tried out for more and more acts.” Hewgley said.

Hewgley expresses her feelings for her favorite part of her actress and singing career.

“I have played many parts of plays and styles of dance and I have performed with many ages. My favorite type of theater is Musical theater because it lets me sing, dance, and act. Musical theater is a combination of all my favorites,” Hewgley said.

All of Hewgley’s activities are very time-consuming, so she explains how she has time to do everything and the time all the activities consume.

“I dance about 15 to 20 hours a week between the PCH dance team and my outside-of-school dance team. I do five hours of acting classes per week, and an hour of singing lessons each week. I have to spend my weekends catching up on schoolwork,” said Hewgley.

Hewgley spends much of her time on singing lessons, dance classes, and the dance team. Hewgley is also one of the captains for the Parkway Central Dance team, as she has danced on the team since her freshman year.

“I love all my activities and cherish my talents, but even though they are very time-consuming I want to keep pursuing the events,” said Hewgley.

She spends hours a week practicing to make sure every line and every dance move is on point. “Even though I often can’t see my friends because of these activities, one of the best parts of being in all the events is that I am always meeting new people and getting to be with new people while keeping myself busy,” said Hewgley.

Hewgley is one of the many few kids who get the opportunity to be involved with the Muny and many other activities.

“I am so fortunate that I received the opportunity to perform with and be a part of the Muny. I am really happy that I took the opportunity and performed,” said Hewgley.