What’s The Deal With The PCH Pages Popping Up Everywhere?


Screenshot of “pch.naps” on Instagram.

Jessi Ruiz, Staff Reporter

If you’ve been on Instagram at all these past few months, surely you’ve seen all of the “PCH something” pages pop up. Not the student council page, or the official PCH page. We’re talking about “pch.naps”, “pch_besties”, “pch_posturecheck”, “pchpets”, “pchcompliments”, etc. Although not affiliated with the school, most of these accounts are active and bringing the Colt community a little closer together!


Pretty self explanatory, but these pages put up images of things related to the username. “pch.naps” uploads images of Central students squeezing in a few “zzz’s” during classes. “pch_besties” posts images of iconic best friend groups at PCH, “pch_posturecheck” posts unusual postures seen around the school, you get the gist. Most of these accounts are to poke fun and have some giggles, and the PCH community is here for it, constantly sending content to be uploaded. 


But obviously to create these pages, went some thought into it. Let’s go behind the scenes, to the creators themselves of these pages, to see what inspired them to create them. 


“I figured it would be fun for people to post fun moments with their friends,” said the creator of “pch_besties”. “pch_besties” posts images of duos, trios, etc of best friends at Parkway Central! The creator has not been very active, however, because of their schoolwork. “I’m focusing on school right now, it’s crumbling as we speak.” Hopefully the new semester will bring fruitful new opportunities for this account!


Another account that reached out was “pch.naps”. “I made this page for the laughs honestly. I was sitting in class and simply took a photo of my friend sleeping and thought it was funny so I made this account,” they state. Their account quickly blew up very fast, and they definitely did not expect it. “At first it was a joke but later became more popular. I think it is a success.” Since the creator is also a PCH student, surely they’re undergoing the same stress everyone is right now. Will he be continuing the account? “I plan on trying to keep up with it, though it is hard keeping up with all the DM’s I get. It is difficult but I have three or four of my friends to the account to help me run it.” 


Though they seem a bit silly, these pages are really nice for our school community. They bring us just a little bit closer together, and in a way we can all contribute! Remember to submit your nap pictures, pet pictures, posture checks, bestie pictures, and a ton more to the PCH pages. Let’s keep up the spirit for the following semester.