Take A Seat, Parkway Central

Finding and rating the best seats in the house

Alyssa Weisenberg, Staff Reporter

Walking around the school you may not think twice about the chairs you sit in. You may not think about how many people have sat in  them, aced a test in them, had a really productive study  session or the negative equivalents. You would actually  be surprised to know the true impact of chairs on the  environment of the room and their benefit for individual  students. Comfortable chairs can be valuable to a good  learning environment. I personally prefer cushioned  chairs with wheels and a large, curved back. I have  picked out the top 6 chairs that I think are the most popular and rated them.  

Worst Chair in the School

 These chairs are a beautiful shining color, but they are not the chairs I could see myself choosing when I go to the library to study. Based on my observations in the library, these chairs seem to be the least preferred. The majority of the students tend to sit in the chairs with cushions and wheels. I can understand why.  

I found them to be hard on my lower back and on my  shoulders. Definitely not comfortable to sit in for a long  time and I know I’m not the only one.  

Angie Watson, Library Department Chair, has similar opinions but also reveals that there are other purposes for these chairs.  

“I don’t want to have to sit in these wooden chairs  for a long time,” Watson said. “But, I like that you can  clean them and I like that you can line up a lot of them  if you want to have a really cool program or a guest  speaker.”

Worst Chair in the School

Most Likely to be Sticky

These bright red chairs are iconic to the American public schools. I would say I’m just used to sitting  in them and that may be the reason I think they aren’t  entirely uncomfortable. They’re almost nostalgic because  I’ve been sitting in them all my life. However, they are  not preferable. Their metallic legs just always seem to be in the way of something and the hard plastic is just not  what anyone would consider comfortable. Not to mention the small backs of the chairs that just don’t seem to  support your back.

Most Likely to be Sticky

Best Chair in the School

Somehow when I walk into the library these seem to be the most preferred chairs. They have adjustable backs that let you lean back if you want, but will also support you if you would rather sit up straight. In addition, they have a nice cushion and wheels which make the chairs mobile and, let’s be honest, more fun. 

Best Chairs in the School (Alyssa Weisenberg)

Most Productive Chairs

 I like these chairs because the wheels definitely  make collaboration and mobility around the room easier  and add to the comfort of the newsroom. Christine  Stricker, journalism teacher, says that was the main factor she was basing her decisions on.

“I wanted something that was comfortable because  the one thing I am always trying to do is to recruit people  to my pro gram.” Stricker said. “I want people to take my classes and by making it a fun, comfortable environment, and because the kids are working at computers for long periods of time, I want to make the chairs comfortable.” 

Most Productive Chair (Alyssa Weisenberg)

Most Melodic Chairs

Band and orchestra are actually two of the pro grams that depends on good posture from chairs. With out good posture while playing an instrument, it becomes  harder to have a good sound. The band chairs force good  posture to maximize sound and airflow into the instrument. These chairs are not comfortable. They are small  and square but they serve their purpose as they are not  supposed to be comfortable, but they are supposed to sup port good posture and enforce a good sound. In my band  career at Parkway Central, I would say that these do help  my posture and help me create a good sound.

Most Melodic Chairs (Alyssa Weisenberg)

  Most Unappreciated  

The chairs in the FACS classrooms. These chairs in my opinion may be one of the more comfortable chairs of the school.  They have nice back support, a material that is easy to clean, and are very comfortable. They give good support on your back and have wheels which are super nice. Somehow their overall shape just seems to fit perfectly with my back to make studying really easy for a relaxed environment. 

Most Underrated