Worked Her Way Up to Ten

Sophomore reaches the highest level in gymnastics


Heather Socha

Kaylie Kassing (10) posing in her gymnastics leotard at St. Louis Gym Centre.

Carli Alper, Staff Reporter

Ever since sophomore Kaylie Kassing started gymnastics, she has always known she wanted to reach the highest level in gymnastics, and she has worked towards it for years.

Kassing has progressed through her years in the sport, she has devoted a lot of herself to gymnastics to work towards her overall goal. And that includes devoting her time at the gym,

“I spend about 20 to 22 hours a week practicing gymnastics,” Kassing said.

Kassing spending all those hours a week at the gym and all the years she’s been practicing gymnastics for shows great dedication. More than the average, only about 10% of girls stay with gymnastics all the way to Kassing’s age.

“I started when I was five. This is my 11th year of doing gymnastics,” Kassing said.

In Kassing’s almost 11 years doing the sport, she finds that the best part of gymnastics for her.

“One of the things I like about gymnastics are my friends,” Kassing said.

In Kassing’s years in gymnastics, she has had those friends and her family to support her. She has also had a mentor that has been there to lead her in gymnastics for almost five years who helped her get to the level she is at today, her coach Dylan.

“He was my coach for five or six years. I started gymnastics with him. He’s been with me; I’ve looked up to him,” Kassing said.

The level that Kassing has been able to get to is the highest level and can get in gymnastics, level 10. And it is not an easy thing to accomplish. But along the way Kassing has been able to enjoy the lessons, especially the “discipline that gymnastics teaches you,” Kassing said.

Along with the discipline you learn from gymnastics, another aspect of gymnastics is performing and she isn’t afraid of it.

“I’ll perform anywhere,” Kassing said.

Even after reaching her goal of getting to the highest level and all the dedication she has given her sport, Kassing is still participating and enjoying gymnastics. And she has new goals since she completed her goal of reaching level 10 in gymnastics. In the future, Kassing hopes to continue her career in college and into adulthood.

“I would like to continue in college, and after that maybe even coach,” Kassing said.