What’s with the wings?

Taco Bell’s new limited time offer bussin wings


Sam Sailors (10) stands upon Olive BLVD, Taco Bell at approximately 2:41

Chase Giancola, Staff Reporter

Taco Bell is known for its reappearing exclusive limited-time offers. Recently, Taco Bell came out with their new chicken wings. The fast-food restaurant usually changes the items on the menu about every 6 weeks and tries many ideas that the people of fast food may want. I tried the wings and had many mixed emotions from my experience. 

From the get-go, the Taco Bell drive-through line took way longer than it should’ve and the service wasn’t noteworthy. From the look of the wings, they didn’t look very tasty, although the spicy ranch sauce on the side added a nice touch in the aspect of flavor. 

On the first bite, the wings tasted very dry and had a lack of seasoning and flavor. Dipping the wings in the ranch definitely made them better but couldn’t bring them up to a 7/10. My final rating on the Taco Bell wings would scale out at a 6/10. 

Sam Sailors (10) recently tried the limited time wings and had a better time than I did. 

“It adds a variety to the Taco Bell menu rather than eating the same tacos they serve you,” Sailors said. 

 “The Taco Bell spicy wing sauce adds a distinctive taste to the snack,” Sailors said, “I spilled wing sauce all over my face and fingers and afterward got to lick it up which was probably one of the best parts of my experience.”   

Evan Weingart (10) also recently had tried the wings and had a similar reaction that I did. 

Weingart said he would recommend giving the wings a try because they are, “a new experience.” As compared to many popular moderate speed foods, Taco Bell usually lacks in the quality of the food and is more known for the jankiness of the restaurant. 

‘I would rate the quality a 5 or 6 out of 10, not the best quality I’ve ever had but the flavor and seasoning had a positive impact on the wings,” Weingart said.

 Limited time offers at Taco Bell tend to be small snacks or beverages but never enough to satisfy the customers or Weingart’s appetite. 

“I would not say these wings are a full course meal, you can eat them as a small snack, but they are just not enough to satisfy you,” he said. 

Clocking out at a reasonable $5.99 for 5 wings (most of the time) making each wing around a dollar each, Weingart felt like it was a good deal.. “It was for sure an affordable price,” Weingart said. 

Next time you’re taking a quick stop for a snack, check out the Taco Bell limited-time offers for a treat for your taste buds. Unfortunately, the wings are not being sold at this time, but the new talk of the town is the Nacho Fries coming in early March.