Wrapping Up Winter Sports

Athletes celebrate and reflect on their winter sports seasons

Kayelyn Tate, Staff Reporter

Demorion Jackson (12) goes for a layup in a game against Mehlville High School on Feb. 11. Jackson has scored 96 points this season and has had 122 rebounds. “My favorite memory from this basketball season was the game against Pattonville and hitting the game winning shot,” Jackson said. (Kaye Tate)
Oliver Kokal (10) goes to shoot in a game against Mehlville High School on Feb. 11. Kokal has scored 408 points this season. “Spending time with all the seniors and post practice donut runs on Saturday were my favorite memory from the season,” Kokal said. (Kaye Tate)
Alyssa Cearly (12) leads the team in a cheer at a basketball game on Feb. 11. “My favorite memory is when we got to perform at Dance Marathon because it took a lot of dedication and hardwork to put the routine together in only two practices,” DeMya Jackson (12) said. (Kaye Tate)
The dance team performs during halftime at a basketball game on Nov. 23. “My favorite memory was the guy/girl dance because it was different from what we usually do,” Mikaela Snitzer (12) said. “The senior partners were my friends so it was fun to spend time with them and it happened during a really exciting time of the year.” (Kaye Tate)
Maddie Hewgley (12) dances during halftime in the guy/girl routine on Feb. 11. ”My favorite routine from this season was our pep rally routines and the guy/girl dance,” Hewgley said. (Kaye Tate)
Jadyn Wallis (12) looks to pass in a game against McCluer North on Feb. 11. Wallis has scored 37 points and had 35 rebounds this season. “I improved the most at staying positive during hard times during the season,” Wallis said. “We had a lot of fun just playing together and I think it allowed me to grow as a person and a teammate to be uplifting for everyone.” (Kaye Tate)
Maggie Roberts (11) dribbles the ball in a game against Parkway West on Dec. 3. Roberts lead the team with 233 points this season. “The team chemistry increased dramatically over the season,” Roberts said. “The way we played for each other and our work ethic and pushing ourselves to the limit each game is something we have improved on.” (Kaye Tate)
Carissa Bersche (12) dives in a meet on Jan. 21 against Rockwood Summit. Bersche was the Class 1 State diving champion with a dive of 372.95 points. Teammate Sarah Hirsch (12) placed 5th overall with 323.95 points. “When I got out of the water my teammates and coaches rushed over and hugged me, and I looked up in the stands to see my family cheering and crying,” said Bersche. “I was very happy with my accomplishments, but it was sad knowing that I had finished my final competition.” (Alyssa Smith)
Carissa Matzdorf (12) swims backstroke in a meet on Jan. 21 against Rockwood Summit. The team took 8th at the Class 1 State Championship with 99.5 points. Emily Zhang (11) placed 6th in the 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle. (Alyssa Smith)
Mariella Cox (12) wrestles against Clayton at a tour- nament on Jan. 19. Cox has won 18 of her 25 matches this season. “Wrestling was very difficult but it was one of my favorite things to do and as long as you are persistent and focused I think that anyone can do it and be successful,” Cox said. (Kaye Tate)
Carine Heller (12) prepares to stunt at a basketball game on Feb. 11. “Before I started cheer, I’ve always thought from the sidelines that I would totally have fun being on the team,” Heller said. “Now that it is the end of my senior cheer season, I have had so many great experiences and learned so much in such a short time.” (Kaye Tate)
Chance Washington (10) wrestles against Clayton at a tournament on Jan. 19. (Kaye Tate)