Concert Camping Tricks

A few tips for making the best out of a night on the sidewalk


Camping out for Louis Tomlinson’s World Tour in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo by Brie Williams.

Gabrielle Williams, Reporter

Camping out for a concert is quite the controversial topic. Some may say it’s a waste of time, while others may say it’s completely worth it. For first time concert campers, it can be hard to know what to expect while waiting in line. A quick internet search will tell you the basic necessities needed and some things to expect, but the truth is, those lists never really tell you the whole story. Here are the real things you need to know before camping for a concert.

What kind of area are you camping in?

One of the best things you can do to prepare for your concert is to go to the area you’re camping at beforehand. Knowing where you are camping can help you better decide what you need. For example, you can decide what size chairs or tent you can fit on the sidewalk near the venue, what stores and restaurants are close by, and where you can park. When I camped out for a show at The Pageant, there was meter parking next to the sidewalk we were on, which was really convenient for getting to and from the car. There was also a Walgreens close by our venue, which helped us get more drinks and snacks.

What things do you really need to bring?

It is better to overpack than to underpack, however, lugging around a lot of things can make the experience a lot more stressful. Think about who else will be in line and how much time you will likely spend talking to them. It can be easy to assume you will have a lot of free time to read or get work done while in line, but sometimes the environment may not allow this. Morgan Skube, one of the campers for Louis Tomlinson’s Kansas City show, was surprised that the time passed quickly “I was expecting to be bored the whole time, but I ended up meeting a lot of other fans and just hanging out with them the whole day in line,” she said. While in line for Louis Tomlinson’s show, it was really hard to eat because we were so excited. It is really important to pack a lot of snacks, and force yourself to eat throughout the day to make sure you aren’t too tired to enjoy the show.

What do you need to wear?

Dressing for the weather is the most important part of camping out for a concert. When it is the dead of winter, it is important to wear as many layers as possible. Also, remember to prioritize keeping your hands and feet warm (Hothands is the secret trick). On the other hand, when it comes to hot weather, dress comfortably and wear lots of sunscreen. Tank tops and shorts are the way to go, but you can’t forget the SPF. Sunburns can make you really tired, and that’s the last thing you need before going into a concert venue.

A few other important reminders include making sure your tickets are general admission (otherwise you would be camping out for no reason), bringing along a friend to keep you company, eating lots of food and drinking lots of water in line, and having the time of your life. Camping out for a concert can be the best experience, as long as you have the right attitude and expectations.