Ways to show Spirit of Central

Staff chose students that show the best of us


Alanna Stovall , Staff reporter

The Spirit of Central Awards were presented on March 4 in the PCH Theater. 

Dr. Powers, who has been at Central for 16 years,said it was started 15 years prior to her being here. So it’s been around for about 30 years. The purpose of the program is to nominate any student for any reason emulating the core values at Central who are being kind to one another, top academics, and wonderful athletics. 

“It’s for anyone, any reason, and any time,” Power said.

Counselor Priscilla Greenwood chose senior Peyton Silas. 

“Peyton has consistently stepped up to help other students, made them feel welcome and seen, and has remarkable character. It was so great to be able to recognize him in this way,” Greenwood said in her nomination of Silas. 

Spirit of Central is a chance to recognize students who have made our school a better place for a variety of reasons, but the human connection piece is one that often goes unrecognized.

Science teacher Mollie Oakeley chose Bryce Scaife (11) and Grace Gettemeier (11). She chose them because they are very hard workers in class and embodies the characteristics that a student at Parkway Central should have. 

“They are kind, generous, they help others, and they always make the classroom a happier place,” Oakeley said.

“I think it’s to show those students that they matter regardless of the type of grades they’re getting or the extracurricular they are involved in. They are just good people and that’s good to recognized as well,” Oakeley said.

Science teacher Nicole Hewitt chose Dil Chinpolatov (10) and Raquel Machado (12). 

“I choose those students because I think they both exhibit qualities of like a student we want to see at C. They are kind students, hardworking students, they are willing to help others if they have questions, and I just appreciate their kind and caring nature,” Hewitt said.  

She thinks the purpose of Spirit of Central is to acknowledge students that don’t always get acknowledged for the good deeds and the good works they do in the school. 

“We see a lot of students get focused on doing great in athletics or focusing on students doing good on the ACT, but sometimes we just don’t take time to focus on the students that are just good, kind, caring students who try to help others out. So I think we do Spirit of Central so all students get a chance to be recognized,” Hewitt said.