Keepin’ Up The Volley

Boys volleyball starts off with a bang


Varsity volleyball prepares to serve during a game. Photo courtesy of the volleyball team.

Chase Giancola, Staff Reporter

With spring sports starting up, the boys volleyball season is hitting the court. Last year, the team went far with a even record of 15-15 and won districts, but the real question everyone is thinking about is are they good enough to win again this year?

Aidan Ortmann (10) was on the volleyball squad last year when they won districts. Ortmann was one of the few freshmen not only to play varsity, but also win a district championship.

In the beginning of the freshman season last year, Ortmann was not even planning on playing.

“My friend and I went to try out for baseball, and it didn’t work out so well, we got cut. I still wanted to play a spring sport so I said hey, why not volleyball?” Ortmann said.

Team chemistry as athletes may know is one of the most important ways a team can win.

“I was playing on three different teams last year so I was kinda forced to become friends with everybody. With the bond we all had, it made me and my teammates even better,” Ortmann said.

A lot of people seem to underestimate the sport of volleyball and how hard the conditions are.

“I’d say the practices and games are pretty intense because everyone wants to win and you can’t have a winning team with lazy practices,” Ortmann said.

Connor Lander (10), a JV player, is very excited for the upcoming season. Lander played freshman year and really enjoyed it.

“I played libero and like to think I was pretty good at it,” Lander said.

A good role model or someone to look up to is very important in life and especially in sports. “I’m trying to be more like Aidan Ortmann. When I see him play, I’m thinking wow, this guys really good and one day would like to be like him,” Lander said.

Lander played on the freshman team last year and has many fond memories of the short season. Often freshman games are decided by serving–who can serve versus who can’t..

“One game, I remember, I was serving and we were down like six or something and I just kept on serving, and serving, and serving,” Lander said.

The Colts ended up winning the game and it “was one of my biggest accomplishments playing volleyball,” Lander said.

Freshman, JV, and varsity play their next games on April 5 and 6 so come out to SLUH and Webster Groves for some intense games.