Vacation or Staycation?

What is the best way to spend Spring Break, staying home or vacationing?

Carli Alper, Staff Reporter

After the large fear of flying due to the pandemic, people are letting go more and more of their guard to travel. It was spring break 2020 when we began quarantine, but in spring break 2022 we are now largely out of quarantine. We are on spring break and, in my opinion, the best way to do that is to vacation . After being trapped with your family with no ending in sight for over a year, it is nice to be able to picture the escape because before you could not. Now even though we are no longer in quarantine it is still important to get out from the constant and go to the inconstant someplace different. Taking a vacation is now something you either do or you don’t do. Relax and go somewhere where all that stress from the previous years does not exist or stay home. So here’s the question; Staycation or Vacation? In my opinion, vacation is obviously the way to go. You get to have the nice, maybe even tropical air on you, or the fun, unfamiliar chatter from a different city. Vacation is especially the only way to spring break, in St. Louis you never know what you’re gonna get. You could be snowed in one day and then it be 70 degrees the next. This unpredictability is fine for some people but it is not a habitat I always enjoy adapting to. So, between going out and doing something different with your break versus staying home and sleeping it through, the previous is the best option. From a poll, 100% of students would rather go on vacation than stay home, which further proves that this is not a hot take or unpopular opinion in any means. In these times of uncertainty when it comes to safety, vacationing can be a rare luxury, so when an opportunity such as spring break comes, it should definitely be used all out. Due to all the cancellations from the pandemic, people are vacationing whenever they can. Samantha Taylor (9) said. “Usually for spring break we stay home but, we are actually going to go see my grandparents and we are going to NC.” Which makes sense, take those opportunities when you can. Staycation is something we have had to deal with for over a year and it is something that is now frankly over used. And as the poll shows people agree with me. Also from that poll only 20% planned for a Staycation instead of a vacation. Which also goes to show that vacation is widely preferred and it does not matter where you are headed just go out somewhere you’ll enjoy. Staycation is an option that is always open to everyone, however, I do not think it is the right one. Of course you could also do a combo: go on vacation for a couple of days and then come home or vice versa. But, again, that is no way to fully enjoy spring break. The best way to spend the break is to go on a vacation somewhere that you would enjoy.