Rebuilding Waterpolo


Lauren Sharpe, Staff reporter

The PCH boys waterpolo team has returned!
The team has its traditional rivals, such as West, but there has been new teams added to the schedule.
“We are playing teams from Illinois at the De Smet invite. I think it will be fun to play people from out of the state,” goalie Ian Conway (10) said.
New to the team, Jake Hansen (11) is focused on personal improvement for the season.
“I want to make rapid improvement and demonstrate that in my gameplay,” Hansen said.
Conway has goals for himself and the team.
“Despite losing a lot of seniors last season, my biggest goal is to rebuild the team,” Conway said.
Hansen knows that the team has some areas that they need to focus on.
“Our largest weakness appears to be contact. With such a contact sport, its either negative contact or no contact at all,” Hansen said.
Conway looks to the coach for support.
“Andrew Schonoff, our head coach, provides strength for the team because he always practices with us which strengthens the team,” Conway said.
But in the end, Hansen just wants “to have fun with it.”
The Colts have a 1-1 record at print time, defeating Lafayette in their season opener. The young team came out strong with Quinn Wolf (11) leading with five goals, Tyler Bryant (10) scoring three goals, and Hansen and Daniel Richmann (10) each scoring two goals. Their next home game is on April 14 against Parkway South at 4:30.