The Future of Marvel

What Marvel is doing to keep up with audience demands


Poster for Marvel’s Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Matthew Bird, Staff Reporter

Since the end of the Infinity Saga, the studios have had to shift their focus and build an event bigger than the “Infinity War” – “Endgame” event, but fans are demanding an event of this magnitude now.

To date Marvel has released 11 projects since endgame: four movies and six TV series. It was rumored that in order to develop the films the studio was developing two tracks: a mystical track and an alien one. All but one of these projects have been affected by major rewrites and delays. This makes me wonder where can Marvel going next?

However, since the pandemic both tracks have been put on hold in order to focus on a multiversal threat. Of the 11 projects, six deal with the idea of a multiverse, so it is very clear that is the direction the studio wants to head.

As a fan myself, I find myself thinking about the probability of a event like “Endgame.” How can 10 years of film be recreated and topped.

Marvel is producing content at an extraordinarily fast rate in order to fulfill fans’ desires. It took Marvel seven years to release its first 11 movies, and now it has done that in just over three years. This means there are already half the number of projects as in the infinity saga.

Marvel really is closer than we may think to the next Avengers movie. In the next two years, we will have at least 19 projects released by marvel increasing the number of projects in the new saga to 30.

The studio is trying to recreate the event by producing more content but part of what made the story so satisfactory is that it took so long to get there. Over Marvel’s original decade the build up was part of what made things so great. The saga’s main villain, Thanos, made his first appearance in 2012 after the first Avengers movie. He would continue to show up throughout the franchise: “The Guardians of the Galaxy” and “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Marvel fans are split on this debate is it better to wait or get it now.

Truly there is not solution to this debate. If they try to make it fast, there will be less satisfaction. If take their time, the hype may die out and fans will be angry.

I think that fans should be okay with a wait for something, because the next story has to outdo the last.

With new mediums for content production available to Marvel via Disney+, the studio has the opportunity to create longer content and develop story furthers. This could means that the next film could be introduced on Disney+, as we have already seen with Wandavision setting up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Loki’s introduction of Kang the Conquerer, who is rumored to be the next Thanos.

I know that with the way Marvel is going they will be able to create content to exceed the expectations set by “Endgame,” but fans have to be patient and understand that the wait will be worth it if they allow Marvel to take their time.