A night to remember

First prom in three years big numbers to the dance floor


Alanna Stovall, Staff reporter

Prom was April 23 at Westport. Prom is a really exciting event for juniors and seniors but mostly seniors because it’s their last year. Brittnaee Jackson (12) says she wouldn’t change anything about prom and love dancing with friends.

“I was really excited to see all of my friends dressed up and see how the prom court ceremony went,” Jackson said.  

After prom Jackson went to a couple of parties after that ended the night with friends. The most exciting part about prom is seeing who wins prom queen and king. Jackson won prom queen.   

“I felt very happy and a little surprised I felt like I knew I was gonna win but you never really know,” Jackson said.  Senior Ayaan Umar (12) won Prom King. 

Ronell Presberry (12) was excited about seeing how everyone was going to look and his favorite part about prom was seeing how good everyone was going to look. He did have some problems with his outfit but still pulled it off. 

“I wish my outfit was planned out and rearranged to my liking,” Presberry said. 

After Prom he also went to a couple parties then after that went with his best friends to spend a night at their house.  

Virgina McKeon (11) wen to Prom as an junior and she was most excited to take pictures dressed up. 

“At Prom I most enjoyed hanging out with friend,” McKeon said. 

After prom she went to a friend’s house. McKeon can’t wait for next years prom since she will be a senior.

Christine Stricker
Brooke Kraizer (12) and Matthew Bird (11) attend prom. (Christine Stricker)
Brittanee Jackson (12) and Ayaan Umar (12)accept Prom court crowns and sashes. Students at Prom 2022 held at the Sheraton (Christine Stricker )