Tyler the Creator (Siegel)

Outgoing senior enjoys up and coming rap career


Tyler Siegel jumps in joy.

Chase Giancola, Staff Reporter

Tyler Siegel (12) is a pretty popular guy walking through the halls of Parkway Central. Most know him for maybe being the manager of the Colts Varsity Basketball program, part of the golf squad, or maybe being the newest upcoming rapper: Tseigs, they call him.

Siegel has been spitting the beats for about a year now, only to be recognized in the most recent months of 2022.

Siegel says he starts rapping “at the most random times, I’ll be running errands and I’ll stop by a parking garage and start flowing,” Siegel said.

Siegel believes it’s very important to have a role model, especially in the rap industry.

“I’d like to collaborate with J-cole because I think he has sound, rhythm, and lyrics. He does it all,” Siegel said. “I respect J-cole a lot, which influences my own lyrics and sound.”

Lyrics are a big part of Siegel’s talents.

“I listen to a lot of rap so I see, this artist did this, or this artist did that. For example, in one of J-Cole’s most recent songs, he raps, “Eureka, Einstein on the brink of the theory of relativity, really no MC equal, feel me?” which is a cool verse.”

Fellow students, such as Ryan Klein call Siegel a lyrical genius. “I feel like hearing tyler rap puts me in a better mood and it always puts me in a hype vibe,” Klein said.

“I fricken score than I feel like a king, you still be sleepin’ but I be deep in your dream,” Siegel raps in one of his most recent unnamed songs. Which is understood to be that Tyler’s love interests dream about him.

“They say I wait in the shadows, but I am the shadows,” Siegel said.

Not many people truly understand the talent and creativity that Siegel can accomplish.

“I’d say being one of the only rappers at PCH is a pretty cool thing,” Siegel said. “Sometimes I’ll be walking around school and hear across the hallways, ‘Yo wassup Tseigs,’ or just a simple head-nod gesture,” Siegel said.

Siegel says he is going to attend the University of Missouri starting in the fall for his freshman year of college.

“I don’t believe I’m going to major in the rap/music field, although I will definitely be spitting the beats in my free time,” Siegel said.

One of Siegel’s close friends, Ryan Klein, is also attending Mizzou next year.

“I think Tyler’s future in the musical field has a lot more room to grow and potential to achieve, I think if he really works at it and gets his name out there, he can be something big,” Klein said.

As of now, there is no direct platform to listen to Tsiegs. Watch out on TikTok and possibly Apple music in the upcoming months for his new music.