The Spike in Gas Prices

Gas prices almost double in the last 20 years


Mobil station on Chesterfield Airport Rd. Photo by Chase Giancola

Chase Giancola, Staff Reporter

Gas prices have been rising since the early 2000s, but have experienced a spike in recent years. In Missouri in 2000, a gallon of gas was about $1.50. Now, it has almost doubled, clocking out at $3.87 a gallon. 

Americans, especially students at Parkway Central, have become enraged, and not too fond with the price of gas recently. 

Jack Carroll (11) drives an s3 Audi everyday to and from school. 

Carroll says gas is definitely overpriced nowadays but this is not so much of a challenge for him. 

“Usually, everytime I stop for gas it’s around 65 bucks which is a lot but my mom pays for it so it’s all good,” Carroll said. 

Knowing the cost of gas, Caroll usually tries to eliminate the amount of time he has to drive. 

“Mostly when I’m with my friends, I try and make them drive because it’s more fun and also I don’t have to ask my mom for gas money,” Caroll said. 

Also, many teachers and staff facility have been irritated for the occasional gas station stops. One of which, is Mr. Thomas Sellers. 

Mr. Sellers is unlike a lot of us at Parkway Central. The drive from home to school takes about 60-90 minutes from one way. 

“From one way from school to home it takes about 60 miles,” Sellers said. 

With an SUV nowadays the average gas price is around $50-$70. “58.00, is the price  I pay for gas,” Sellers said. “I wish they were cheaper.”               

There are a few ways to limit the cost of gas for your occasional stops. Download gas apps such as Gasbuddy and Upside to earn cash back on gas and save up to 25 cents per gallon. 

Also, make sure to try and fill up on a Monday or Tuesday to ensure cheaper prices opposed to the ending days of the week.