Amy Grich Joins PCH Admin Team With A Smile


Amy Grich

Dr. Amy Grich smiling for a photo.

Sophia Spicuzza, Editor In Chief

As the 2021-22 school year comes to a close, the PCH community is getting ready to welcome a new assistant principal to the staff. Dr.Amy Grich will become a new assistant principal for the 2022-23 school year.  Grich has worked at Parkway North High School for 13 years, first as a social studies teacher and then as an administrator. She is very excited to take on this new position at Central High. 

“There is an excitement in doing something new and all of these new people I am going to be meeting. I have been here the past two weeks meeting the students and getting to connect with them and the teachers, which is really exciting,” Grich said. 

Grich began her career in Parkway teaching in the social studies department at Parkway North in 2009 before switching to administrative support this year. This role included some traditional administrator duties as well as teaching courses. Grich began her journey to a career education around her sophomore year of college and hasn’t looked back since. 

I went through college for two years and kinda struggled with what I wanted to do. And around sophomore year I remembered, “Oh I used to make my little sister play school all the time in the summer,” Grich said. “It was just the random reflection point [and I thought] I think I should try teaching. Reflecting on some awesome teachers I had and my love for social studies- it all came together and that’s the path I chose.” 

Her favorite part about education is not the grading nor the long hours. When asked about what she loves most about education,  she replied, “It’s the people! It’s the kids, it’s the people. It’s the teachers, students, and parents. It’s the relationships, one hundred percent!”

Already Grich is invested in the students of Parkway Central. She has shown great enthusiasm the short amount of time she has spent greeting each student with a friendly “good morning!” She is thrilled to be at PCH next year and has stated how Central specifically stood out to her amongst other schools when applying for the job. 

“Dr. McCarthy has such a well-known report in terms of his leadership and Central has a long history of high academic honors and athletics and clubs,” Grich said. “I was really inspired by the student voice and what I have seen the past year or two with students using their voice here at Central. Hearing that there was an opportunity to come over here and be a part of it was awesome!”

Grich got into education because she wanted to inspire students and make a difference in their lives. One of her goals for Central is to help brighten the atmosphere in the building and bring an encouraging perspective to the halls. She feels as if this new position can help her to continue supporting students throughout their lives.


“One of the biggest values I want to continue is the community piece. I think Central has a very strong community and supports the student’s voices,” Grich said. “I am very behind students using their voice to advocate for themselves and for other groups of people and that is exciting to work towards and support next year.” 

Aside from a very busy work life, Grich spends her free time with her husband and two daughters. 

“I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have been married for quite a while. We have two beautiful girls, a kindergartner soon to be first grader and a third grader soon to be fourth grader. Elementary school is big in our house,” Grich said. “Most of the time our weekends are spent carpooling our kiddos around to tumbling, dance, softball, soccer, girl scouts you name it. Very family orientated but also very big about what we do here in Parkway.” 

She begins her position on July 1. If you see Grich around in the halls, make sure to say hello! You can find her in the T-hallway, Social Studies Commons, or just about anywhere else in the building with a smile on her face and eagerness to join the community.