PCH Tennis Courts are Reconstructed

Tennis players forced to travel to Forest Lake for practice every day


Molli Goldberg

Above sophomore Evie Huff returns the ball back to her opponent from Lafayette.

Stella Hajdukiewicz, Staff Reporter

The girls’ tennis team’s courts are moved to Forest Lake. Practicing in a different location caused this year to look different. 

According to junior Alissa Barnholtz, they don’t have much time to practice plus can’t stay after and limited courts. 

Coach Heather Jafari said the courts are a “great alternative, but with restrictions.” 

Junior Ava Keithly is adapting to the change even though it’s not ideal. 

“This year we don’t get to play any home games, so it’s less convenient for us. But the courts are close enough to school that it’s not horrible,” said Keithly.

They can carpool with each other, and the older girls can help drive around the freshmen and sophomores. 

According to Barnholtz, there are no expectations; they are welcoming to everyone.

Jafari believes this team should be about playing tennis and building friendships, while also making sure that all the athletes feel welcome and want to be there each and every day. 

“This group of girls has made the best of it,” Jafari said. “They show up to whatever they are asked to, and do not complain when they do not get to participate.” 

According to [sophomore] Evie Huff, the junior varsity team is different from the varsity team by playing fewer matches. The varsity team is still very close with the JV and they all practice and have games together. “Some will not get to play a match all year,” Jafari said. 

However, JV players get fewer opportunities to play in matches due to the amount of players they can bring to each school.