Softball Strikes Back

Softball makes big strides coming off of 1-21 record last season


William Edwards, Staff Reporter

Starting off the season 6-9, the colts so far have regular season with wins against, Affton, Hazelwood West, University City, Webster Groves, Nerinx Hall and Ladue.

After a big double win against Affton and a 1-21 record for the 2021-2022 season, the Parkway Central softball team is making big strides. 

Junior, and returning varsity player, Prisha Nigam, has rised to the occasion during multiple games. Prisha is 1-0 as a pitcher and has 22 outs, along with a homerun against Nerinx Hall.

Prisha has been playing since she was in 2nd grade and doing club ball every year to prepare her for the season.

“My team goal is to communicate with each other better and work as a team, I have a personal goal of talking more on the field,” said Nigam. 

Nigam has shown her capabilities both on the field and in the classroom time and time. Nigam is a player to watch out for this season for both fielding, hitting and pitching. 

Maggie Schaumburg, senior and 4 year player, has pitched 9 games and is heating up. Coming off of last year and lots of practice, Schaumburg has confidence in herself and her girls to have a successful season. 

“I’ve been playing the game since 2nd grade and have played club the past 6 years,” said Schaumburg. 

With her experience in both softball and life, she has learned a lot. Not only has she grown on the field she has grown off the field because of what happens on the diamond.

“Softball has taught me many things throughout the years but the most important thing that I will always live with is that nothing is handed to you, even with talent it is important to practice, work hard and never give up on bad days ,” said Schaumburg.

Girls head coach and assistant basketball coach, Janie Sumner is already exceeding expectations with her encouraging coaching style and strategy.

Sumner has a goal of 10 wins. They are more than halfway there with plenty of time and practice complete and exceed those goals. 

“ One major change we have made from this year to last year is our practice set up, we always start practice with an infield and outfield routine. I think this really helps us get important reps in and sets the tone for the rest of practice” said Schaumburg. 

Coming off of a single win season in 2021-2022, Sumner had to make some changes to her style of coaching and her execution to ensure her goals were game ready.

“I love how our coach pushes us to be the best we can even and always works with us on our toughest days,” said Nigam. 

Softball has their last regular season game against their rival Parkway North on Friday, Oct. 14 

“Parkway North will be a great game, in all sports playing North is a great game just because of our schools history and the rivalry we have had, I’m hoping we can play to our capabilities and get away with a win,” said Schaumburg.