Lunching With The Teachers

What our teachers do during their lunchtime


Sasha Smith

Christian Schaffer and Laura Hayes enjoy their conversation during lunchtime

Sasha Smith, Staff Reporter

Lunchtime is one of the most favored times of the school day by students. It’s our break in the day and our main time to socialize, gossip, be on our phones, etc. But has anyone ever wondered if the teachers do the same during their lunch? Janell Byrd, a math teacher, eats her lunch in the math office along with all the other math teachers. Byrd and the rest of the math department have become very close because they spend 30 minutes with each other every day.

We all get along really well so we enjoy having that time together,” Byrd said.

When it comes to gossiping, even though it’s apart of normal communication it’s hard to imagine our very own teachers doing it.

“You know if anything kind of wild has happened in the school, any kind of excitement or buzz going on, we share,” Byrd said.

Byrd always takes notice of what the other teachers have brought to lunch. 

“Mrs. Jafari always has the best food. One day she was literally eating a piece of cheesecake and I was just like ‘where did you get that from and can I get a piece,’” Byrd said.

The math department isn’t the only department full of teachers bringing good food. Jason Lovera works in the English department and always envies Mr. Schafer’s lunches.

“Mr.  Schafer, his wife is a cook, she’s just an all-and-out awesome cook so he always has some of the best food,” Lovera said.

Lovera gets to sample Schafer’s food every fall.

“We actually have a potluck where there’s like a bunch of people are bringing chili and then a bunch of people are bring sides and desserts and we do that every fall,” Lovera said.

The history department does something similar when it comes to bringing food for each other. Joni Patton, a teacher in the history department loves their “birthday buddies” rotation.

 “We have birthday buddies and everybody has a week and if it’s your week you bring in snacks and chips and drinks and sweets and all that stuff for lunch,” Patton said.

As a student, it’s hard to imagine a teacher ever gossiping. Patton and John Meyer, another history teacher have different answers when it comes to that topic.

“Oh no definitely not,” Patton said.

“If we did, we would never admit it,” Meyer said.

One thing all the departments agree that a longer lunch would be beneficial for both them and the students.

 “I really like having third lunch now, we use to have first lunch and that was just way too early for me,” Byrd said, “But it’s really short a lot of times, I’m still like answering emails and doing things during lunch so I don’t get a lot of time to eat lunch or unwind during lunch so a longer lunch would definitely be helpful,” 

Besides being incredibly rambunctious, the teacher’s lunches really aren’t that different from the student’s lunches.