Parkway-Rockwood swim club

Longtime rivals may become teammates in admin efforts


Alyssa Weisenberg

Boys swim team dives into the water during a meet.

Some swimmers have been swimming for Parkway Swim Club since they were small. Parkway Rockwood Swim Club has big numbers and just as many dedicated swimmers? So when news broke that the two teams might merge, members started going crazy knowing there might be a confluence between the two teams. 

Sophomore Alyssa Weisenberg swims for the Parkway club team. She has been swimming since the 5th grade and made it from the red group which is middle school to varsity (high school team). What brings the team together is the challenge of being a swimmer and the passion for the sport. Practicing this much has to have an impact on the team and results if they merge with Rockwood. 

¨ I think that if we merge with Rockwood, we will lose some competition and also the things that separate us from other swim teams,” Weisenberg said “For example, every year we get new fun t-shirts. One year we had the quote from finding Nemo “Just keep swimming” on the back. Another year, they said “I can do this all day” with the Parkway logo inside a Captain America shield. We would also have to change our team cheers. The only benefit to merging with Rockwood would be that we could share pool space and potentially save some money.¨ 

A larger coaching staff with a variety of knowledge and experience working together to share best practices will be happening if they merge, according to Parkway Rockwood Community Ed. 

According to Parkway Rockwood Community Ed, ¨Both Rockwood and Parkway Swim Clubs will continue to operate as separate programs during the 2022-23 swim season. Discussions will begin in August and continue over the next year.¨

 Combining will have many benefits like having extra practices since there are more people, more coaches, and more fun! While also missing the old two team practices.