New Coach Brings Change

Dance team members are experiencing a new way of coaching


Sommer Schaefer

Dance coach Sommer Schaefer coaches the girls during the District Championship game on Oct. 29. Near right, the team poses on senior night.

Sophie Unger, Staff Reporter

Sommer Schaefer is a new addition to the Parkway Central Dance team. Schaefer danced recreationally and competitively for fifteen years at a professional dance center. Also, she was a former student at Lindbergh High School and danced on their nationally-ranked dance team. However, Schaefer’s dance career sadly ended due to a handful of hip surgeries. Schaefer has now found a new way back into dance through coaching. Not only is she coaching, but she has a full-time job in dental sales after graduating from Mizzou with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Sales. Schaefer loves the Central dance team. 

“Coaching the dance team is a fun way to share my passion for dancing while getting to coach an amazing group of girls. My favorite part of the dance team so far has been our choreography weekends. I love getting to see the girls push themselves and progress as we enter competition season,” Schaefer said.

Not only is the new coach, Schaefer, adoring the team, but the girls are also loving the new environment coach has brought to them. Junior Zoe Snitzer has been on the Central Dance team for three years now, experiencing a switch in coaching very suddenly. 

“She pushes us really hard and gives us challenges that overall help us become better as a team, and she values the importance of a unified team,” Snitzer said. 

Senior dance captain Dani Taylor has been on the Parkway Central Dance team all four years of high school. Dani is glad she’s spending her last year with a great coach. “The coach brings a whole new level of excitement and spirit to the team. Having her as a coach is better than we imagined because she successfully prepares us for everything we do,” Taylor said. 

Senior Allison Herman has seen the positive changes that Schaefer has brought to the team. 

“She has brought better communication, she makes the team unified, and she is very understanding,” Herman said.