Who Got Election Day Off?

Students got the day off, but teachers and staff had another work day

Sean Murphy, Staff Reporter

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, students had the day off due to Election Day. This schedule change was made in May by Michael Baugus, Chief Human Resources Officer with the Board of Education. Baugus proposed the idea to Board of Education Keith Marty, Superintendent. His letter stated that “Feedback has been received from both teacher and parent sectors regarding election day in November 2022.” Baugus stated in his proposal that “concern has been voiced to not have school in the fall election cycle for 2022 to allow for more flexibility and to account for the larger projected volume of voters.”

Although students may have the day off, teachers do not, and are required to work a full day 

Jaclyn Deelo, FACS teacher, says is envious of the students. 

“If the goal of having this day off is to get more voters, why doesn’t everyone have the day off?” said Deelo. However, Deelo said that having this Professional Development day definitely makes it easier and “more flexible” for her to vote and the student voters say they find it easier to vote as well.

 Senior Mychael Green said that without this day off she would not be able to vote due to “the long lines and process of voting”.

 “I do think it’s a good Idea to have the students out of the building, because there will be voters coming in mostly all day long with most Parkway schools polling.”