Letter from the Editors

Emma Li and Sophie Spicuzza

Welcome, reader, to the second PCH Corral newspaper issue of the 2022-2023 school year. We’d like to introduce ourselves as Emma Li and Sophie Spicuzza, Co Editor-in-Chiefs of the Corral. 

Journalism, and writing in particular, is compelling because students are able to express themselves on a rather public level. Getting published, you can even say. 

One of the natural consequences of getting published is that people make mistakes. Our staff, composed of adolescents, otherwise known as silly young people, are prone to mistakes throughout this learning process. This year, we will reserve a spot on page two of every issue to correct and acknowledge the mistakes made in the previous issue. Note that this is for major factual errors that impact the understanding of the story, rather than minor inaccuracies, grammar or mechanics. 

Secondly, we would like to extend this opportunity to make published mistakes to anyone in the school. 

If you would like to share your writing with us on any sort of topic, please email us a “Letter to the Editors” at [email protected] at any time of the year, and it may get printed or put online if we do not have enough space. Although we will edit for grammar and mechanics, we will never change the content of your letter, and you will be notified of any developments. Additionally, if you have any concerns, we will welcome any communication through the aforementioned email account. 

Lastly, our main goal as a publication is to challenge ourselves and our readers to think expansively and critically about the world we inhabit. Some of our issues may contain material that is more emotionally or politically charged than it has been lately. We always strive to write factually and within the constraints of a high school paper, whether that be resources, time or space. The Corral is never intentionally used as a tool to degrade any person, group or belief, and our particular choices are made to operate within the boundaries of the facts of the story. 

We thank you for your continued support, 

Emma Li and Sophie Spicuzza

Co Editor-in-Chiefs of the Corral


*Printed editions state that this is the first edition, when it is, in fact, the second. Yet another example of us being silly young people.