Letter From the Editors

Emma Li, Co Editor-in-Chief

Welcome, reader, to the last PCH Corral newspaper issue of the 2022-23 school year. The Co Editor-in-Chiefs are back to recommend journalism classes for the lost and confused student searching for electives to fill graduation requirements. Whether it’s in newspaper, yearbook, or broadcast, everyone has something to bring to the table. 

Journalism has allowed our peers to grow as speakers, listeners, writers, designers and editors. Listening is one of the most important life skills, but that is nothing without knowing how to ask the right questions and communicate the forthcoming information ethically and thoughtfully. Communication is so integral to every interaction, and interactions are what make the world go round, in business and in personal life. 

Asking questions, listening to the answers and thoughtful communication would solve a lot of problems, theoretically at least. Practicing telling real stories with real impact from this age encourages students to grow in more ways than one. The earth is burning among many other issues in the world we live in, but the skills integral to journalism can begin to take small steps in the right direction in more ways than one. 

One tenet of journalism that often gets passed over are ethics. To communicate honestly is important as a human in general, not just as a journalist who follows the rules. To hold one’s self and each other to that standard is a policy desperately needed in this day and age. 

Lastly, we’d like to thank our advisor, Christine Stricker, for guiding us in this endeavor. There’s no one like her, and deserves more attention than she gets. 

We thank you for your continued support, 

Emma Li and Sophie Spicuzza

Co Editor-in-Chiefs of the Corral