From the Pitch to Pavement

‘C4 Sophomore’ Moresi Has An Explosive Track Season


Ajay Eisenberg

Sophomore track and field athlete Alex Moresi exchanges the baton with Sophomore Beckett Friedman during the Henle Holmes Invite held at Parkway Central High School on April 14th.

Diego Perez Palomino, Staff Reporter

Athletes often become heavily invested in a particular sport from a young age, dedicating countless hours to honing their skills and perfecting their craft. However, for some athletes, the appeal of other sports is too great to resist, and make the bold decision to switch to a new game entirely. Such a decision can be difficult, but for those like Sophomore Alex Moresi, the rewards can be significant.

Moresi’s soccer journey began at just three years old playing at his local YMCA. However, what began as a casual activity started by his parents soon transformed into a profound passion that consumed his attention for the next decade. At 12 years-old. Moresi’s path took a significant turn when he was given the opportunity to play for Lous Fusz soccer club.

“I’ll always cherish playing soccer in elementary school,” Moresi said. “But I thought club soccer would be a really good way to get better,”

Nevertheless, while higher level club soccer seemed like the next natural step, Moresi’s parents suggested that he try running. Despite Moresi’s impressive stamina, stepping into the realm of running was uncharted territory for him.

“They really wanted me to try it, but I didn’t know anyone,” Moresi said. “I didn’t like it at all my first time trying it, it just felt really intimidating.”

As the summer before his freshman year approached, Moresi embarked on another attempt to run cross country.  As the weeks unfolded, Moresi’s growing comfort on the course helped him make the decision to not only join soccer, but also explore his potential in cross country running. Determined to chase his athletic dreams, he joined both the cross country and the JV soccer team under the guidance of coach Doug Hilbert.

“It didn’t come as a huge surprise when I saw his cross country and track season results that he’d decided to focus on running,” Hilbert said. “To run in the state championships as a freshman in both cross country  and track is very impressive.”

The approaching fall sports season spurred Moresi to make a pivotal decision, one that would ultimately prove beneficial: to commit himself to running. Despite grappling with hip injuries, he valiantly completed a 5K in a remarkable 17:08:45 during his cross country season. And following his recovery, he returned ambitious and energetic, eagerly anticipating his sophomore track season.

“Going in I  had the mindset of a machine,” Moresi said. “I had the mentality of ‘no one can stop me’ and I think that really helped me mentally.”

While it plays a key role, mental preparation is not sufficient without physical fitness. Luckily, Moresi’s athleticism is something he’s never lacked. His unwavering work ethic has served as inspiration for his teammates. Track & field coach Steve Warren is convinced that Moresi’s exceptional drive and dedication will propel him to make a mark in Parkway Central’s long-distance history.

“[Moresi is a] hard worker and has bought into the total concept of what it takes to be a complete athlete,” Warren said. “I really think he’ll be one of the best in the long tradition of distance runners at PCH.”

Moresi’s accomplishments so far have been nothing short of impressive, having achieved personal bests in both the 800 meter and 1 mile run, clocking in at 2:03.58 and 4:33.29 respectively. With sectionals fast approaching on Saturday, May 13, he is currently seeded second in both events, eager to secure a place in the state championships.