Bump, Set and Hit

Varsity boys volleyball use their skills to end their season strong.



Varsity number 11, Aidan Ortmann, setting the ball while playing against Affton High School. “I love coming back because of the competition and our teams energy is the best.”

Varsity number 8, Connor Lander, playing against Affton High School, has been playing volleyball for 3 years and counting. “I like the volleyball atmosphere, and I like to spike the ball to the ground,” Lander said.
Varsity number 16, Cole Hoehn, jumps for the shot during the game against Affton High School. “The best part is the coaching and the culture, it’s something that I value, and it’s fun,” Hoehn said.

Varsity number 12, Lucas Bernstein, playing against Affton High School, is ready to bump the ball across the net. Bernstein said that the best part of the last season was the win against Parkway West 3-0.
Varsity Number 3, Caleb Williams, playing against Affton High School, is waiting for the ball to get passed across the net. “I’ve learned a lot of things playing volleyball, like problem-solving, managing my time, managing my anger (toward bad refs, never to teammates), and how to be a better player of course,” Williams said.