Project Help plans upcoming Spring Clean

Corral Staff

After winter fades, groups from various campus organizations come together to brighten up the school during Spring Clean. The primary objective of the project is to beautify the school and provide a better environment for students and faculty.

“The goal is to take areas on campus that need to be tidied up, and make Parkway Central look beautiful,” English teacher and Project Help sponsor Laura Lukowski said.

Volunteers perform activities such as raking leaves, planting flowers, or painting to achieve this goal.

“It was exciting at first, then tiring, but in the end it was nice to help out the school. It was rewarding,” sophomore Susanna Lei said. “We raked up leftover leaves, planted flowers, and clipped dead branches.”

Volunteers come from groups ranging from Senior Men and Senior Women to foreign language and academic clubs, as well as unaffiliated individuals.

“The majority of organizations on campus are represented. It’s a great event for people who are looking for government hours, or just to get outside to do some hard work and enjoy the weather. It’s also great preparation for baccalaureate” ” Lukowski said.

In addition to preparing for baccalaureate, Spring Clean also improves the school for student life on a day to day basis.

“There’s a lot of trash around our school and nobody picks it up, but after we clean it looks inviting and pretty. The courtyard has trash from lunches in it and after we clean it, more people want to go there,” Lei said.

Project Help leads Spring Clean, with assistance from English teacher Teresa Mullins and Lukowski. This is Lukowski’s second year involved with Spring Clean.

“I am privileged to be a part of it,” Lukowski said.

This year’s Spring Clean will be May 5.