Lack of Coach Puts Dance Team in Peril

Sophie Baron

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In the past three years, the dance team has continued to change due to a change in coach every year. The dedicated participants DT (1)reflect on this adjustment as they put their next season on halt due to a transformation of the coaching situation yet again.
“No one is exactly sure when we will have a new coach,” sophomore and varsity dancer Katie Kertzman said. “Hopefully soon because our tryouts were supposed to be at the beginning of march but have been postponed indefinitely.”
The coaching change all begun during the 2014-15 school year when the JV coach had a baby and had to leave before the school year started. Later, the JV team went months without a coach until Lindsay Brockmeier stepped up to the position. The next year, varsity Coach Janell Byrd also decided to end her work with dance team. That is when the most recent coach, Emily Jung took the position of varsity coach while Brockmeier remained at the JV level. Due to this repeated change, members have had to adapt each year.
“Each year I have had to adjust to a new coaching style which has not been the easiest,” junior and varsity captain Shannon Stolte said. “However, it’s a fun experience to work with a fresh face each year.”
The team as a whole has their struggles transitioning from season to season but has been able to learn from it as well. Although there may be some things to learn from, it has affected the team’s structure.
“As a team, I think it’s also partly struggling to form a bond,” Kertzman said. “However we have had to change some things, understandably, just because different coaches like things different ways and that has forced us to be more flexible and willing to mix things up,”
Both varsity and JV are working to find a new coach and have been left in the dust to continue forward and prepare for next season. Although this year is not the first year the program has lost a coach, this time is different as there is not someone to hold the position for JV or varsity.
“When we received the news she quit we weren’t surprised but we were a little upset and honestly confused,” freshman and JV dancer Carly Whay said.
The reason for this constant change in leadership is unknown and quite possibly a coincidence or just plain unfortunate luck.
“Coaching dance team is a large commitment,” Stolte said. “It takes up a lot of time and I think a lot of coaches have left to spend that time on other focuses of their life.”
The role of a dance coach has many different aspects and although the team is looking for certain qualities in a coach, they are willing to try out anyone.
“Every member of the team really just is looking for someone that is excited to coach and is very committed,“ Kertzman said. “As of now we are definitely willing to give anyone a try.”
Despite the fact that the team is upset about the loss in leadership, Brockmeier’s guidance has taught and improved the skills and level of readiness for the participants.
“She’s given me a very clear idea about how I’m supposed to behave being on dance team at school and how much dedication and time varsity will take,” Whay said.


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Lack of Coach Puts Dance Team in Peril