Baking Buddies

Sophie Baron

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51510491214__C2635BD4-A0D0-4627-916B-CE08252FD1A7.JPGIMG_9875Adina Levy and Rina Gersten took their baking hobby and turned it into a non profit business called ‘Better Than Bubbie’s Baking’. The two decided to take something they enjoy and elevate that to something better for the community.
After munching on a muffin, the two realized they could that they could make something great. The friends joked around and finally decided to actually give the business a try.
“Rina was eating a muffin and said it was so good, and then we were joking by saying we could sell this and make money,” junior Adina Levy said.
Creating their Facebook page was only the beginning of their business. Starting with just small orders, it transformed into weekly customers and mass orders for large groups.
“At first it started as just friends and parents of friends and then about 2 months ago The Jewish Light wrote an article about us and we got some business from that,” junior and co-owner Rina Gersten said. “Now we have weekly customers who always order challah or cookies. ”
Not only does the business benefit those who indulge in the baked goods, but those in need benefit as well. A majority of the proceeds go to support charity.
“Part of it [the money] goes back into the business for supplies and ingredients,” Levy said. “With most of the money we buy canned foods, cereal, toiletries and other things to donate to the Jewish food pantry.”FullSizeRender
Family had an impact on both of the in terms of their baking careers. Along with their support, the family also provided inspiration in an unexpected way.
“My mom is a really good cook and likes it, but she doesn’t like to bake because she doesn’t like how you have to be exact and measure stuff,” Levy said. “I just kind of took it on and became the baker of the family.”
The bakers have their monthly specials along with the two continuous items. Challah and Chocolate Chip Cookies are not only enjoyed by the customers, but the owners too.
“I personally like making chocolate chip cookies because the recipe is in the back of our heads since we’ve made them so many times,” Gersten said.
Most of the time Adina’s kitchen will do, but sometimes for the big orders it is necessary to book a larger kitchen. The duo has support from the Jewish community in many aspects and one of which is through Youth Group known as United Synagogue Youth or USY.
“We usually bake at Adina’s house but for big orders like my USY regional convention, my youth director has us bake like 300 cookies and we do that at either B’nai Amoona Congregation or Traditional Congregation,” Gersten said.

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Baking Buddies