Athletes To Watch: Fall Sports

Senior Nate Moore (18) breaks down with Sophomore teammate Antonio Hutti (2) and  fellow Senior Andy Chen (12) to tackle the Parkway South punt returner.

Senior Nate Moore (18) breaks down with Sophomore teammate Antonio Hutti (2) and fellow Senior Andy Chen (12) to tackle the Parkway South punt returner.

Senior Nate Moore (18) breaks down with Sophomore teammate Antonio Hutti (2) and fellow Senior Andy Chen (12) to tackle the Parkway South punt returner.

Logan Potts, Staff Writer

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Nate Moore, Senior, Varsity starting Cornerback

Senior year. High expectations. Nate Moore is ready for them as a starting varsity cornerback. He has played football all four years and has been a starter on varsity for the past two. He is a three-sport athlete who plays basketball and runs track to along with football.
“Football is my favorite sport out of the three that I do,” Moore said. “I grew up playing it.” Because he plays three sports, he has limited free time after school on weekdays.
“I like having the limited free time,” Moore said. “It means I’m working hard and improving myself physically. It’s how I get better.” Moore believes the football team will have a very successful season.
“I believe we can go all the way if we are all on the same page and working together,” Moore said. Look for him to have a big impact on the defensive side of the ball this season.


Hugh Hodson, Sophomore, Varsity starting Tackle

While Moore is an established senior on varsity, Hugh Hodson is an unproven sophomore starting at Left Tackle this season. He is the only sophomore starting on varsity as he makes the leap from the freshman team last year, to starting in a key position on varsity this year.
“I don’t really feel any extra pressure being the only starter on varsity, because the rest of the guys on the team really made me feel welcomed and helped me feel like I wasn’t out of place on varsity,” Hodson said. Although he isn’t on the field, playing with other sophomores that he is friends with most of the time, he likes playing varsity.
“I’m happy playing on varsity because I like the extra competition, and it’s not as overwhelming as I thought it would be,” Hodson said. He also believes that this team is very capable of going on a run this season. “I have high expectations for myself, and as a team, the sky’s the limit,” Hodson said. Look for Hodson to try to prove himself to the coaches and his teammates by handling a key position on the offensive line.


Luke Schaefer, Sophomore, Varsity soccer Defenseman

Though also a sophomore, Luke Schaefer is playing his second season on varsity. Luke was the only freshman on varsity soccer during the 2016 season.
“It was fun being the only Freshman on Varsity,” Schaefer said. “I knew I had to prove myself to the rest of the team.” There were parts that he liked, and parts that he didn’t like. “My favorite part of playing on varsity was that the other players on the team all had their licenses and cars, so I had a ride to every athletic event,” Schaefer said. “My least favorite part was that all of the other defenders were bigger than me, so I felt kind of Intimidated.” Schaefer also has high expectations for his team.
“I believe that our team could go to state,” Schaefer said. “We have a great combination of ability and potential.” Look for Schaefer to improve his game in his second Varsity squad year.


Lana Christiani, Sophomore, Varsity Volleyball

Like Luke, Lana Christiani is also a sophomore playing her second season on varsity volleyball. Unlike Luke, she was not the only Freshman on varsity for the 2016 season (Jill Stolte).
“Last year, it was pretty scary playing on varsity because I didn’t know anyone other than my sister, Sophia, who was a junior, but this year I know everyone and ages don’t really affect anything,” Christiani said. She didn’t really feel any extra pressure playing on varsity, with the help of her sister. “I think it was mainly because Sophia. Her being on varsity with me took a lot of the pressure off. When I made the team, everyone was so including of me and all the other new people.” Lana and her don’t have any hiccups playing together.
“I love playing with Sophia. We get each other so well and we know what the other is thinking without having to say it,” Christiani said. “Sophia is so good and such a good leader, and it adds a new level of intensity.” Look for the sisterly bond between the Christiani sisters on the court this year.


Molly Wesolich, Junior, Varsity Softball Shortstop and Left Fielder

Molly Wesolich is another proven varsity player. She is a Junior softball player who plays shortstop and left field for the varsity team. Along with softball, she plays basketball, but says that softball is her favorite. “I definitely like softball better,” Wesolich said. “I’ve been playing it since kindergarten and I look forward to it because I love the weather that comes along with it.” Last year, the softball team went on an incredible run, winning conference, but losing in the district championship game. “I think last year was a successful season, but I definitely think that there is room to improve,” Wesolich said. Look for the softball team to improve on their incredible 2016 run.


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