The New, Bad Food Policy

Henry Eubank eating a snack. After eating, he cleaned to table of with soap and water.

Adam Burnett

Henry Eubank eating a snack. After eating, he cleaned to table of with soap and water.

Adam Burnett, Staff Writer

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Let’s say your friend forgot to eat breakfast or he is in too big off a rush and goes straight to school. You get to class and pull out a snack for you and your friend to share. But your teacher tells you, “ No sharing food in class”.
Or your class took a really hard science test and the class average was really good. The teacher decides to have a class party but she explains there can be no food at the class party. What kind of party could it be without the delicious food? This is because the new Central food policy doesn’t allow you to share food in class due to people’s food allergies, and sanitation reasons. To me this isnt ok.
The biggest reason central made the food policy was because of food allergies. If you ask me, students know what food allergies they have and how to prevent the bad reactions. They know what foods not to eat. Or if a student doesn’t feel comfortable with another student eating what they’re allergic to, they need to speak up and tell that particular student they don’t feel comfortable. An argument to this is the students who have really bad food allergies, who could touch a desk that has peanut butter on it. On the food policy document, it reads, “Careful cleaning of surfaces with soap and water after consumption of food is essential.” So if you have to follow this rule regardless, why shouldn’t you be able to share food with your classmates. The English teacher Ms. Hayley strongly feels the same type of way. “This challenges me as a teacher sometimes because when kids really help me or do something great, it’s a challenge on how i can reward them. My quick go to is ‘I will bring you guys candy next time.’ but now i can’t, and it’s hard to come up with another way to reward them.” A few times this year I’ve gotten lectured about not eating food in class, or sharing food with my friends. And it just makes me mad because if i’m hungry, or my friends are, we should be able to eat. Sometimes you just can’t wait for lunch. Especially if you have third lunch. Third lunch doesn’t start until 12:23. That is a long time without eating from breakfast
I think the food policy should have some adjustments. If a student wants to give his friend a snack, the student should ask permission from the teacher if he is allowed to give his friend his snack. The teacher could make sure that the friend who is receiving the snack isn’t allergic to the particular food. After they finish the food they should clean of the area. This way everyone stays safe but get to enjoy the food and stay happy. And if the teacher wants to throw a party with food, they could write a permission sleep that has what foods will be there, and have the parents sign it to make sure it’s ok. I think the long noted food policy is to much. All there needs to be is precaution, and permission, which leads to safety for the students.

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The New, Bad Food Policy