Changes the Student Body Wants to See

All grades eating lunch.

All grades eating lunch.

Abby Prywitch

Abby Prywitch

All grades eating lunch.

Abby Prywitch, Staff Writer

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If freshman Brooke Taeckens could change one thing about the school it would be the start time. Taeckens feels that because school starts at an early time many students are not fully concentrating.

“On late start days, I always sleep in that extra hour-and-a-half and when I am in my morning classes I am always more concentrated,” Taeckens said. She suggest always making school at that time, so students are always working the hardest they can. Taeckens also thinks that they should more classes that help you in real life everyday things.

Junior Allison Brown feels the same way as Taeckens. If she could change one thing it would also be to make school start time later, so she could feel rested for class.

“In first hour I’m basically not ‘there,’” Brown said.

If freshman Hannah Krivelow could change one thing about school it would be no homework because she feels that it is frustrating.

“Homework causes me to stay up so late that it’s hard to focus in school the next day,” Krivelow said. Instead of completing getting rid of homework Krivelow thinks it would be beneficial to only assign the most necessary stuff and keep it to a minimum. For example, when prepping and studying for test.

If sophomore Lexi Lander could wave the wand and change one thing about school it would be having an open campus for lunch, which means students could leave during lunch and then back in time for their next lunch.

Freshman Peter Schaefer would make it get easier to get help during Ac Lab.

“Sometimes I realize that I need help, but than it is too late to get a pass so I can’t go.” If the passes were not necessary, he believes it would improve the usefulness of Ac Lab, because he experienced this issue himself. Schaefer has also seen others not been able to visit a teacher because they do not have pass.

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Changes the Student Body Wants to See