HQ Obsession

Julia Solomon and Abby Prywitch, Staff writer

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Recently a new game which you can play on your phone has been created and everyone is raving about called HQ. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

HQ is a live trivia game that is consisted of 12 questions. The questions get harder each time and if you get it wrong you’re eliminated. The winner of each game gets a money split between them depending on how many people win.

For some students, they are so obsessed that they leave class just to play HQ.

For freshman Melanie Gubernik, HQ has a special place in her heart. “When I first got HQ I was obsessed and didn’t miss a round.”

“HQ is so fun to play with friends and I’m so obsessed with it! It would be so cool to actually win,” Gubernik said.

For sophomore Allie Chervitz, one of her favorite parts of the app is the host, Scott Rogowsky.

“No one can host HQ like he does,” Chervitz said.

As the game has been out for longer now, they are mixing it up for some of the rounds. Including, one player takes all. That is where the host asks questions until there is only own winner left. 

“I like putting my knowledge to the test, while having the chance to win money,” Stahlschmidt said.


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