Celebrities in the Media

Danni Schneiderman, Staff Writer

Celebrities in the media cast a false representation of what fame and money is like. In order to truly understand the day to day struggles of these “famous” people, you need to look past the fancy clothes, expensive cars and private jets.

Despite Lebron James’s huge status as a star basketball player, he’s actually a down to earth person. He has his own charity organization called Lebron James Family Foundation and participates in many other clubs including the Boys and Girls Club of America. You can visit the website and find out more information! http://www.lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org/page/bgclubs

Tyra banks is a legendary model known for her iconic role as the host of America’s Next Top Model. She has supported many charities including Dream Foundation, Get- Schooled Foundation, TZONE, and the Yéle Haiti Foundation. There is a stereotype around models which is that they do not care about anything except for their looks and success on the runway. However, Banks proves that models can be genuine people who enjoy helping and supporting others. In addition to these charities, she also is an advocate for self love and projects inspiration, especially on her social media accounts.

His good looks and famous movie roles don’t stop him from giving his time to help others. Matthew McConaughey delivers meals to people in Texas during Thanksgiving time. Since he was 7, McConaughey has been contributing to the foundation called “Meals on Wheels”. To add to the list of reasons why McConaughey is a sincerely awesome person, he also supports SURE, which stands for Students United for Rape Elimination.

In conclusion, you can’t let the picture-perfect lives of celebrities that are projected in the media trick you. There is so much that happens “off camera” that the public never hears of. Stereotypes and rumors easily circulate the media, however, you cannot be susceptible. Some celebrities use their money and fame for good and not evil, which shows that these gigantically famous people are not as stuck-up and ignorant as we think.