Abby Prywitch

New glass office secretary Maria Flick at her desk.

Abby Prywitch , Social Media Director

Maria Flick

Glass Office Secretary 

Brought her to PCH: Previously Flick worked at the middle school, but is now at the high school. “I wanted something a little different and I really missed you guys,” Flick said.

Most excited for: Flick really enjoys working with Dr.Power. “I am really looking forward to getting to know my 10th graders more exclusively. Back at the middle school I had almost 1,000 kids when now I am down to just one class,” Flick said.

Fun fact: Flick was born and raised in Chicago and her parents are first generation Mexican.



Ann Wills

Principal’s Office Secretary 

Previous experience: This is not Will’s first time working in a school setting. When she first graduated from college Wills was an elementary school teacher in Union School District. Prior to coming to central Wills was in an office in Parkway.

Brought her to PCH: “I wanted to gave students in a building. My office was kind of quiet… it’s a lot more fun working in a school,” Wills said.

Most excited for: Wills is most excited for all the fun events like homecoming.

Fun fact: Wills met her husband in marching band in high school.