Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Premiere


Sydney Stahlschmidt

Deluca pulling Jackson and Maggie away from a speeding car, while a teenager on a bike passes and is about to be hit.

Kaylee Canoy

Grey’s Anatomy’s season 15 premiere aired September 27. This season will consist of 24 episodes.

Spoiler Alert: Jo Wilson and Alex Karev are on their honeymoon while back at the hospital Miranda Bailey is trying to find a intern chief. Although on the way to the hospital Andrew Deluca saved Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery from a car hitting them, where a teenager on a bike got hit instead. Throughout the two hour episode the doctor’s are frantically trying to save her life. While that is happening Jo Wilson can’t take a break from medicine and Alex and Jo hurry back to the hospital for a job as Jo may have a research project that could save many lives. Miranda Bailey steps down as chief and takes Jo under her wing as Alex Karev becomes the new temporary chief of surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

This episode was a great kickoff to the season and I can’t wait to see what is coming next. This season premiere was 2 hours long and consisted of two episodes, “With a Wonder and Wild Desire” and “Broken Desire.” The next episode, episode three will be titled “Gut Feeling.”