Volleyball Outdo Westminster


Alex Maisenhelder

Assistant Coach Nathan Biggs talks to his team prior to the second set against Westminster.

Alex Maisenhelder, Online Sports Editor

On Thursday, October 4, the Colts faced off against the Wildcats of Westminster. Prior to the game, there was a touching ceremony of parent appreciation from all levels of volleyball. Once the game started the Colts came out of the gate a bit shaky with a few missed kills, and a few hits that narrowly missed their mark, generating gasps from throughout the crowd. Players like Lana Cristiani and Cathryne Sheridan had some impressive kills, helping to colts get back into contention for the first set.

The Colts wound up taking the first set, and momentum going into the second. The second set was a stalemate for most of the duration; however, some outstanding digs from players like Katelyn Matzdorf allowed them to put on some impressive plays. Really showcasing their skill with the movement and rapid decision making being put on display. It was all looking good at 24-23 for the Colts, but they were unable to finish it in the second set falling 24-26.

The Colts stormed out of the gates mounting points early on Westminster; really showing what they are capable of. Precisely picking out where to kill the ball, then executing and putting it in a far corner right on the line. This expert play was an absolute pleasure to watch; unrivaled execution allowed them to showcase their potential. They maintained the advantage throughout most of the set, reaching set and match point just as Westminster had crested the double-digit mark. Eventually triumphing over them by the score of 25-19 in the third set, taking home a 2-1 victory overall.