Starting the Semester Right !

Jay Walton, Staff Writer

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Welcome back ! Most people don’t like to come to school, like me I love to go…home. I am going to tell you how I plan on enjoying the rest of the school year. For starters, I am not a big fan of homework but, falling behind is not an option please stay on track or even a head so you won’t have to rush trying to complete last minute assignments. Remove all distractions , if it’s not benefiting you then why is is even around ? Sometimes friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, can throw you off track without trying. Enjoy their company on the weekends or after school! Avoid drama or any negativity during the school day because when your sad or mad school feels draining. Good vibes only, so find your happy place and a cool group of friends, makes time fly really fast. Last but not least, PHONES. Phones are very big distractions when your on your phone it literally can control you. Its hard paying attention in class when your dms, snaps, tweets, and group chats are flashing up and down your phone. I know the pain I love my phone but school and phones don’t mix most teachers hate phones , so turn it off or put it on do not disturb. Place it out of sight, out of mind. School can be hard but you can always make it easier.