Physics and Calculus Classes go to Six Flags


Wesley Henshaw

Students get ready to ride Mr. Freeze.

Margaret Vierling

On Friday, April 26, the Physics and Calculus classes went on a field trip to six flags to collect data on different roller coasters. In particular, Senior Peyton Parasuram collected information for Mr. Freeze. For the first couple hours of the day, they were assigned a packet of problems they had to complete in order to find the correct data on the rides.

One problem  that they had to find was calculate the height after given a horizontal distance and measuring an angle. They also had to find the acceleration of the vertical section of the track.

While riding the roller coaster, they “had to wear a vest with a ball to show how it moved with the roller coaster” said Peyton Parasuram. “We applied what we learned about circular motion when on the roller coaster.”

There were also many graphing problems they had to complete for their physics packet that was based on the interpretation of the rides. They studied what forces caused the roller coaster to start and stop the way it did.

After completing their packet of many problems and graphs, the students got the rest of the day to walk around the park and ride different rides. It seemed like a pretty interesting and fun way to spend the day learning.