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The performance of a new coronavirus vaccine is tested at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, but the finished product remains in production. In the meantime, doctors on the front lines of the coronavirus fight are looking to drugs that are already approved for treating other diseases. (Monica Herndon/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS)

Quest for the Cure

April 20, 2020
Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani on Mar. 11, 2019. Soleimani was assassinated on Jan. 3 by an airstrike ordered by President Trump. Wikimedia Commons.

Tensions Rising

February 12, 2020

Letter From the Editor

December 13, 2019

Letter From the Editor

December 13, 2019
Photo graphic by Wesley Henshaw.

In the Crosshairs

November 7, 2019
“The Gereg” by The HU. According to their website, the band has been working on this album since their founding in 2016. “Gereg” is a Mongolian word originating from Genghis Khan times. “Gereg” was apparently a diplomatic passport used during the Mongol Empire.

Mongolian Metal Rising

November 7, 2019

Letter From the Editor

September 27, 2019
While many citizens recycle on a daily basis, a majority of them have no idea what happens once they put the item in the recycle bin. The world of recycling is filled with concern, laws, restrictions, and politics that many citizens are unaware of. A global effort with international discussion, recycling starts with the individual at the homefront.

Revising Recycling

December 14, 2018
Spanish teacher Daniel Kelty talks with students of his Spanish 3 class on what they would do in the case of various natural disasters such as floods and tornadoes on Oct. 26. The communicative approach deals more with real life application of the language, having students answer and ask questions using their language.

Communication Curriculum

November 12, 2018
Link Leader Chelsea Baird (11) looks on as (left to right) freshmen Amarion Lorthridge, Chelsea Smith, Lily Liu, and John Mendel participate in the “Human Knot” activity during AC Lab on Aug. 31. The goal is to link arms with someone and by the end of the game untangle the entire group so everyone is standing in a circle.

Crew Creates Connection

September 28, 2018

Beat the Heat

May 24, 2018
An example of a pre-made emergency kit. Items included are jumper cables, a bungee cord, a multipurpose tool, a blanket, a safety vest, a pair of gloves, reflective cones, a “Call Police” sign, a small booklet for car care, a poncho, a first aid kit, and another emergency blanket.

Recipe For Safety

February 12, 2018

Peru Trip Information

November 3, 2017
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